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+ - No, the Earth (almost certainly) won't be hit by an asteroid in 2032

Submitted by The Bad Astronomer
The Bad Astronomer (563217) writes "Last week, astronomers discovered 2013 TV135, a 400-meter wide asteroid that will swing by the Earth in 2032. The odds of an impact at that time are incredibly low — in fact, the chance it will glide safely past us is 99.99998%! But that hasn't stopped some venues from playing up the apocalypse angle. Bottom line: we do not have a good orbit for this rock yet, and as observations get better the chance of an impact will certainly drop. We can breathe easy over this particular asteroid."

+ - Google Play App history cannot be deleted->

Submitted by codguy
codguy (629138) writes "Your history of downloaded apps at the Google Play store is untouchable--you can't delete apps from your library/history list even if you are sure you will never want to install them again. While the idea of having an app library/history list is good (like for setting up a new device), the lack of basic functionality to remove unwanted apps/cruft also makes it somewhat useless, and also a privacy concern. Supposing you are a serial app tester, your app library/history list will grow and grow and grow with no way to trim it back. So when you actually need to load up a new device, you have to sort through hundreds to potentially thousands of apps, which makes this essentially useless. Others have mentioned privacy concerns--say you installed that silly fart app, or you were exploring apps that you would rather others like your spouse or children not know about. Sorry, no way to delete them from your history. While your app library/history list is not publicly available (please don't tell the big FB about that lest they try to "fix" it), nonetheless, it seems absolutely absurd that Google has not included basic functionality to manage it. This issue was reported back in mid April 2012, and there are some 1200 irate comments about it. Google has done nothing about it, nor have they announced that this policy will be changed. I call it "policy" because it is certainly not a technical limitation. Take a look at the issue report at"
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