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+ - Sun's New Wiki for Textbooks

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bcrowell writes "Sun has launched a new web site called Curriki, which is going to use a XWiki to create textbooks and other educational materials. The site is up, but according to the FAQ, some important functions won't be available until January. The license is CC-BY, which differentiates it from wikipedia and wikibooks, but also makes it incompatible with them. It looks like they plan to have much tighter controls and standards than wikipedia and wikibooks. The Terms of Service say you can't contribute if your're under 18."

+ - Analysts Estimate PS3 & Wii Launch Numbers

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eldavojohn writes "PJ McNealy of American Technology Research has announced the estimated numbers for the launch of both the PS3 & the Wii in North America. The numbers are 125K-175K for the PS3 & 425K to 475K for the Wii. I'm not too great at math but if Sony loses $240 on each console, isn't that roughly a $36 million dollar hit in one day? It's also hard to believe that well over half a million consoles are out in the general public (or under evergreen trees) and I still am unable to buy either of them."

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