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Comment Nothing, keep it (Score 1) 388

I assume yo are on Windows since you talk of Outlook. Well, in the last 4 years, I tried and bought most of them. IMO, all the open source one developed on linux primarly look butt ugly on windows(GTK and all simply does not blend well with Windows Native UI) and are a pain to navigate. Plus, they do crash alot on that OS. I also bought and tried Mailbird Pro. For simple emails and social stuff it's good, the unified inbox work nicely but it uses alot of memory and doesn't support 10% of Thunderbird features that you can get through it's plugin system. They are also insanely slow to add requested feature like PGP or s/mime support.(even though they say they are working on it, they have nothing to show for it after 2 years now...) You can add "app" to it, but not sure if the API is public, I doubt it. I also acquired EmClient 6 2 years ago: Stable, fast, but outdated security(support SHA-1 certificate only), no support for PGP, no plugin system and always has trouble with Gmail sync every few months(probably due to changes on Google side) that requires an update to fix. Also very slow development. Version 7 should come out in 2016 when it was supposed to arrive in Q1 2015, but it looks like it will still be stuck with SHA-1 and no PGP. I hope I'm at least wrong about SHA. So, honestly, save money and stay with Thunderbird. It's not perfect, and the interface is dated(especially with no real unified inbox) but it's way more features rich than anything else commercial out there right now.

Submission + - The International Space Station is home to potentially dangerous bacteria (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: There’s a little known, dirty story about the International Space Station (ISS): It’s filled with bacteria and fungi. A new study has found compelling evidence that microorganisms from human skin are present throughout the station, and some of the bugs could cause serious harm to astronauts.The most concerning finding was from the “high-efficiency particulate arrestance” (HEPA) air filter used in the ISS: 99.65% of the viable sequences they retrieved came from Actinobacteria. The Actinobacteria phylum includes Corynebacterium and Propionibacterium; each genus was found in the ISS samples at a high level, which is “problematic,” say the researchers, because they both have species that are opportunistic pathogens. Astronauts who live in microgravity for prolonged periods also can have compromised immune systems.

Comment Re:My Plans for Firefox (Score 1) 208

That' exactly what I did yesterday after it updated to FF39, and I wrote to FF to tell them why. Simple, websites like amazon are a burden to load in FF while they are still speedy in chrome and opera. And these days, even extensions built primarly on FF run better in chrome, so I made the decision to switch(but to opera, I don't trusth chrome)

Comment How about fixing https printing first (Score 1) 42

Before integrating all the newest protocols, how about fixing decades old bugs to basic functions, like printing...? Since forever, when you print https pages, firefox will print the first, and last one, and nothing in between.(it's not on all https pages, but it's on enough that it's a major anyoance) Other browsers have no problems with the same pages, so it's a FF problem. Bugs related to this have been opened since 2004, 11 years ago! And again, you get answer to the bug to the likes of "we got too much on our plate right now to take a look at this" If mozilla is looking for money, how about allowing us to pay, say, 40$ for one year where we get the privileges that the bugs we report are actually WORKED on?

Comment Re:I've been using Adblock Edge since Plus sold ou (Score 1) 619

years ago. Please explain how uBlock is better.

I *NEVER* see ads (or get the malware from them) on the machines that use Adblock Edge in Firefox, how does it get better than that?

Well, he DID explain it to you, if only you'd take the time to click the provided link that is.

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