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Comment Re:Glasses, contacts, lasik (Score 1) 197

Um, no. There are lots of ocular problems which are not related to refraction errors.

For instance, macular degeneration is the death of the most sensitive part of the retina. A person's peripheral vision is still intact, but the sharp middle part is gone. It is still possible to read, but you need to be able to magnify as the "high res" receptors in the eye are gone.

Comment Canada (Score 5, Interesting) 278

There's an election going on here. Whether or not Canada signs is depends greatly upon which party wins. Right now, it's pretty much a (nationwide) three-way tie. But that doesn't mean an even sharing of the seats in parliament, as the NDP are expected to "waste" a lot of votes in Quebec, so it's actually a much closer race between the Liberals and incumbent Conservatives.

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