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Comment: Congrats guys (Score 4, Insightful) 608

by KingTank (#48237399) Attached to: Solving the Mystery of Declining Female CS Enrollment
Now we're not just sexist pigs, but we are also in an unstable industry and women will avoid us like the plague. Actually I don't find this stuff as insulting as the "anyone can code" meme. Maybe we should all wear suits so that people take us seriously, like lawyers. Actually, that might be the real reason women don't get involved. Their parents don't take the profession seriously, so they steer their smart daughters away from it.

Comment: Re:Arthur C. Clarke called it a long time ago (Score 1) 304

by KingTank (#47685107) Attached to: Humans Need Not Apply: a Video About the Robot Revolution and Jobs
There's only costs involved if you assume there's a still a free market economy. If the free market is replaced by government managed robots providing for everyone's needs, then there's truly zero costs. Robots would collect all resources from publicly owned land, and provide all goods and resources. Why is any exchange of money required? Obviously, I'm assuming the robots would be amazingly capable, but that's the scenario we're discussing here. One where robots have taken over all human labor.

Comment: Doesn't quite make sense to me (Score 1) 186

by KingTank (#47216429) Attached to: Toyota Investigating Hovercars
Just doing some searching on Google it seems the lift/drag ratio for a wing-in-ground-effect vehicle is about 10:1. A typical load/rolling resistance ratio for a tire appears to be about 100:1. So I don't see how the lift can be generated anywhere near efficiently enough it to improve overall efficiency. Unless my numbers are all wrong or they have something way more efficient than a wing-in-ground-effect.

Comment: I think it's normal to some degree (Score 1) 1198

by KingTank (#47113427) Attached to: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds
How the heck are you supposed to get motivated to find a mate if you don't feel like you deserve one? I think that part is normal, but what gets tricky for some people is reconciling that with respecting another person's rights. That takes some fairly sophisticated ethical thought that unfortunately, not everyone is capable of. Certainly not a narcissist with asperger's or whatever was wrong with that guy. So unfortunately, I don't think that merely "educating" nerdy men is the solution to this problem.

Comment: Two things could hold you back (Score 1) 466

I'm 40, and I've been programming professionally for two years, but I'm currently trying to get a better paying job. I find the main stumbling blocks are inability to "talk shop" well and lacking experience in highly specialized skills. Talking shop convincingly is difficult because I haven't had much experience collaborating with other programmers. I imagine you would have the same problem. Employers expect you to have all the correct terminology flow right from the tip of your tongue. The other issue is that a lot of employers seem to be looking for a lot of experience in a very particular area, which an inexperienced programmer is rarely going to match. You have to program for many years on many different projects to have a good chance of matching what someone is looking for. Age itself, as far as I can tell, is not an issue at all. At least, not at 40. Although I know there's some very vociferous people on Slashdot who will tell you otherwise.

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