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Comment: Re:Someone please aware me: (Score 1) 303

Because when you are in a public place you have no right to the expectation of privacy. If you are walking and talking down the sidewalk in town other people are able to hear your side of the conversation. Depending on if your state and the state the other party is in are two or one party states it is a moot point.

Comment: Re:How much does Google stand to lose with somethi (Score 3, Informative) 120

by KillaGouge (#45578453) Attached to: Google Glass Making Its Way Into Operating Rooms
But they are medical devices as they are diagnostic quality monitors. 5 grand a pop is cheap. Typically for a 5 Megapixel monitor pair and video card we would be 27 grand. The reason you need 5 Megapixel is because it is what is required by the FDA to interpret diagnostic mammography. The manufacturer has to show that the monitor complies with DICOM rendering standards and they have to be calibrated by a physicist regularly. For MRI, Ultrasound, and Computed Tomography (CT) a typical monitor can be used. Digital Computed Radiography (CR) aka Digital X-Ray, you need at least a 3 Megapixel monitor to properly display the diagnostic information contained in the images.

Comment: Scenario (Score 1) 768

by KillaGouge (#43938373) Attached to: Seeking Fifth Amendment Defenders
Unless I completely don't understand anything this example makes sense. I am arrested on suspicion of murder because I was leaving an apartment complex where a murder had taken place. The reason I was at the apartment we because I was robing somebody. If I did not have the right to not incriminate myself then I would either have to lie to the court which later could be an issue, or I would have to tell them I was there because I was robing somebody. This assumes that the police at the time of my questioning have no knowledge of the robery.

Comment: Re:Collusion? (Score 1) 379

by KillaGouge (#43812601) Attached to: Xbox One Used Game Policy Leaks: Publishers Get a Cut of Sale
I know TFS says market price, but the article states "The retailer can then sell the pre-owned game at whatever price they like, although as part of the system the publisher of the title in question will automatically receive a percentage cut of the sale. As will Microsoft. The retailer will pocket the rest."

Comment: Re:Collusion? (Score 1) 379

by KillaGouge (#43812493) Attached to: Xbox One Used Game Policy Leaks: Publishers Get a Cut of Sale
I believe it would only be collusion if they said that all new games must cost $80 and cannot cost less. Also if they said you must only pay $x for games traded in, and I don't believe that is the case. Microsoft and publishers are just saying that if you want to accept games you need be attached to Microsoft's database and agree that Microsoft and publishers will take a percentage of whatever price you set. They are not setting prices for used games, just asking for a slice of the pie. Immoral maybe, but not illegal.

Comment: Happens in Lower Alabama as well. (Score 1) 568

by KillaGouge (#39558545) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't Schools Connected?
I know at my daughter's school we can get her homework online for that day if she leaves it at school. We constantly e-mail her teacher. Their class projects are on their class site for us to see. This all happens in an average sized town in lower Alabama. If it can be done there, it can be done just about anywhere. You just need teacher who care enough to do it, and a school system that supports them. Now granted that responding to e-mails and posting to a blog shouldn't be their only job, it can be done, and it should as our lives become ever increasingly digital.

Comment: Re:DeVry is a tech / trade school not a diploma mi (Score 2) 294

I agree as well. I am currently going to DeVry and it is nice to have teachers that are actually doing the job during the day, then coming and teaching at night. You get a better idea of how everything is playing out in the real world, rather than a professor who only teaches and hasn't been in the field for who knows how long. I do enjoy the discussion topics as you get to interact with people in different areas of the country who still have their own opinions rather than the localized opinions you get when you live and go to school at a campus. Now DeVry is also moving to use WebEx meetings for live lectures for online only classes, which is a great help for the higher level classes, and if I happen to not be available for the lecture I can always review it later rather than just having to rely on notes somebody else took.

Comment: New anti-union tactic? (Score 1) 317

by KillaGouge (#37047842) Attached to: Court Rules Sending Too Many Emails Is "Hacking"
So now any company with union workers can set their inboxes to hold only a few messages, do something the union workers think is un-fair, and charge them with hacking when people start sending angry e-mails? This seems to be a cop-out to a larger problem. On the other hand I guess it could make union workers sit down with their union and think about what is to be said, rather than everybody e-mailing "this sucks"

+ - First observational test of the 'multiverse'->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The theory that our universe is contained inside a bubble, and that multiple alternative universes exist inside their own bubbles – making up the ‘multiverse’ – is being tested observationally by UK physicists, who are searching for disk-like collision patterns in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation. Though CMB is generally thought of as a uniform schmere of radiation extending in all direction in our universe, in fact, they say, if a multiverse exists, there ought to be imprints, trapped in the muck like footprints, of where our universe banged into others."
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