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Comment: Re:Pretty much completely infeasible. (Score 1) 254

by KibibyteBrain (#34725346) Attached to: YouTube Legally Considered a TV Station In Italy
Where do you draw the line, though? For example, would you demand all politicians cash out their 401k's or other stock-holding investment accounts because technically they own a company in those arrangements? "Owning a company" is a litigiously vague statement, and anything less broad could be viewed as discrimination.

Comment: Re:Good advice - Always use your ISP for DNS (Score 2) 348

by KibibyteBrain (#34719504) Attached to: Beware of Using Google Or OpenDNS For iTunes
Why use your ISP for DNS? Chances are their servers suck, and they will insert spam links for failed resolutions to add insult to injury for their horrible service. Find a server that is 1) geographically close and 2) measurably performs well. I personally use this tool for locating a DNS server that measurably works well with my connection: http://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm .

Comment: Re:Photon-specific or driven by temperature? (Score 2) 50

by KibibyteBrain (#34663398) Attached to: New Solar Reactor Prototype Unveiled
Sunlight naturally allows this thermochemical cycle to occur, assuming that the device is allowed to cool at night. With other heat sources(geothermal, etc), you would need to remove the device to cut off the heat source for the "off" period of the duty cycle. Also, that makes this device less appealing than it might seem, as this "19%" efficiency cited doesn't mean you only get even 19% of the heat power of your source put in as power out, but thats only during the "on" period of the duty cycle. This may allow more flexible, if even a bit less efficient ways of converting heat to energy in "constant heat source" applications produce higher average power output from the same source.
That is probably why these researchers are pushing it for solar power applications, as its strengths(fair decent efficiency for the cost) stand but its [obvious] negatives(cycling) are a built in limitation of all solar power systems.

Comment: Re:No surprise (Score 1) 342

by KibibyteBrain (#34655734) Attached to: Microsoft Ready To Talk Windows On ARM
.NET apps CAN be shipped as pure IL assemblies but as far as I can tell in the real world this is more rarely done than it could and probably should be. .NET assemblies can be compiled into platform-specific assemblies with some Frankenstein mix of pre-complied code in them, and there are many, many .Net apps built targeted for the x86 platform, and which only world when build in such a fashion.

Comment: Re:Common sense says... (Score 1) 417

by KibibyteBrain (#34638714) Attached to: Woman Sues Google Over Street View Shots of Her Underwear
The facts in this case are unique. The allegations of distress are not related to a right/expectation of privacy. Rather, they are emotional damages related to the fact this person has a psychological disorder, and claims it was aggravated by Google posting this particular picture. I think the legal interpretation of exactly what Google would and would not be liable for in that case is pretty complicated.
For example, walking up behind most people and shouting "boo!" may seem to hardly be considered an offense worth a civil court's attention, but if that person had a heart condition or PTSD, perhaps it could cause objectively demonstrable damages the court could rule on, depending on the laws and customs in the jurisdiction.

Comment: Re:Progress seems to have stalled (Score 1) 53

by KibibyteBrain (#34080252) Attached to: 10th Birthday of ASIMO
Oh, you mean like every other advanced research program in the world? It seems like these days research that takes any significant capital expenses at all is out of the question in the corporate world unless it is directly tied to a product planned to be shipped in the next 5 years or so at most. Even when you see references where it seems like research purely for technology enhancement, nine times out of ten under the curtain it was actually just work tied to a failed product development cycle(and one that probably would have been successful with more preemptive, long term research in that area to back it).

Comment: Re:cfdisk /dev/sdb; mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1 (Score 3, Informative) 322

by KibibyteBrain (#34075860) Attached to: USB 'Dead Drops'
Hate to break it to you, but the first thing a Windows boxen will do when it is then plugged into the drive then will be prompt the user to format it, NTFS, sort of making this hardly any real fix, and really just more annoying to the projects spirit as whatever pdf of the Anarchist's Cookbook or whatever "contraband" files these kiddies will be spreading at these dead-drops will be deleted twice.

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