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Comment: Honest question, forgive me for my ignorance... (Score 1) 1049

by Keyper7 (#30722490) Attached to: Does a Lame E-Mail Address Really Matter?
...but what exactly is wrong with AOL Mail today? I created an account with it and saw nothing really wrong. Admittedly, I chose AOL because it is a less important account, but the webmail interface is satisfactory, they do not add signatures at the end of the email and offer free IMAP support, something that even Yahoo doesn't do. If the subject was Hotmail I would understand, as they do not offer IMAP and their interface is simply awful. But AOL, from my experience, is a quite good alternative to Gmail.

Comment: Re:This .. (Score 1) 175

by Keyper7 (#29952554) Attached to: Skype For Linux To Be Open-Sourced "In the Nearest Future"
While I agree that going fully open source would be better, opening up the GUI is good because we no longer are forced to comply with Skype developers' concept of usability and aesthetics. There mere fact that I will now be able to get rid of that damned MANDATORY tray icon is a good reason to celebrate.

Comment: Re:Hopefully this will put an end to some trolling (Score 1) 317

by Keyper7 (#29817211) Attached to: NVIDIA Driver Developer Discusses Linux Graphics

I constantly lurk at the nvnews forums and download the official nvidia installers. From previous experiences I can say the following:

1) The installer not working with a new kernel version is a rare event. When it does happen, it's usually an indication that the kernel had major changes. It's not like changing two lines related to the audio stack will break the nvidia installers

2) nVidia is usually very explicit and clear about which kernel versions the driver will work with.

3) They are also usually very fast in releasing a new version. Usually only people who like to use the gushing-rivers-of-blood-edge kernel are affected.


Alan Cox Quits As Linux TTY Maintainer — "I've Had Enough" 909

Posted by timothy
from the when-smart-people-clash dept.
The Slashdolt writes "After a stern criticism from Linus, the long-time kernel hacker Alan Cox has decided to walk away as the maintainer of the TTY subsystem of the Linux Kernel, stating '...I've had enough. If you think that problem is easy to fix you fix it. Have fun. I've zapped the tty merge queue so anyone with patches for the tty layer can send them to the new maintainer.'" A response to a subsequent post on the list makes it quite clear that he is serious.

Comment: Re:I think you have it backwards (Score 4, Insightful) 296

by Keyper7 (#28412389) Attached to: How RIAA Case Should Have Played Out

Yes, Ray is claiming that all those people did it wrong and I have no idea if he's right. But he is giving a list of arguments to support his point.

So if you want to claim that he is wrong, you should show that those arguments are wrong.

So far, all you are saying is "a lot of judges and lawyers agreed on this, therefore the decision is correct", like there's never been a wrong judgement in the history of mankind.

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