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Comment: Re:America is boned (Score 1) 870

by Keyboard Rage (#46584929) Attached to: Job Automation and the Minimum Wage Debate

More socialist countries (if by that you mean "Europe"...) are as bad as the ole US of A. A lot of "socialist" political parties are only socialist in name these days, and happily embrace capitalism and all its excesses (even if they say otherwise). As long as "big money" and "short term vision" remains the only way forward in the eyes of the idiots in power (even if they say otherwise) it's not gonna change.

Comment: Re:Never gonna happen (Score 1) 704

by Keyboard Rage (#46563445) Attached to: Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming

Not until bigotry makes your appendages explode will this ever end. And maybe not even then.

On the other hand, when the age of bigotry-induced appendage explosions comes, the number of transgender operations may increase exponentially as those who were bigots and male will want to become male again (after suffering a non-lethal cock-explosion), while those who were bigots and female will want to become female again (after their boobies flew away).

So anti-transgender bigotry may drop to insignificant levels as those who are not into it...are not into it, and those that are will have a new experience in which they discover another side of themselves...

Comment: Re:Worst Case Scenario (Score 1) 436

by Keyboard Rage (#46492701) Attached to: Malaysian Flight Disappearance 'Deliberate'
In a week time, there's a nuclear summit attended by loads of world leaders in my country. Air defense will consist of two F-16s. World leaders will arrive on specially reserved landing strip and navigate to summit in capital by specially closed off roads, which have one nice point of failure: only the roads are closed off, you can still get very close to the world leaders by standing alongside the road. By faking the transponder IDs the 777 would have enough time to reach my country, and plunge into the building were the summit is held.

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by Keyboard Rage (#46284415) Attached to: Are You a Competent Cyborg?

So someone with a pacemaker can be seen as a cyborg by that part of humanity that is currently dying from heart disease, but since a normal healthy human isn't dying from heart disease at the moment someone with a pacemaker is not a cyborg.

However, if Oscar Pistorius replaces his prosthetic legs by some jet engines and has one of his hands replaced by an incorporated pistol, he can become the first cyborg drone in history and not be arrested for murder

Comment: Looks like a great oppoortunity for criminals... (Score 1) 117

by Keyboard Rage (#45876963) Attached to: Researchers Develop "Narrative Authentication" System

Have these people never heard of microphones?

It also sounds like a really great way to obtain a lot of extremely interesting metadata for nefarious purposes. Personal information that may be also used for things like bank accounts + travel dates? Yay, break in + plundering of all the victim's money!

And then the bank will say "You did this yourself, only you know all this sensitive information. Say bye bye to your money."

Comment: Re:So this is the way it ends (Score 1) 564

by Keyboard Rage (#45803797) Attached to: PC Makers Plan Rebellion Against Microsoft At CES

Why would it die to Android?

What has Android got, that can kill Microsoft?

I'm pretty sure it can't win the malware race, one way or another.

Nor can it win the horrible user interface race. Both are already at ex-aequo positions there.

Both are backed by people who think they can force their badly thought-out long-term strategies down people's throats Deep-Throat-style. And someone always end up unexpectedly spunked in the eye, with both of them.

Besides, Microsoft already overcame a very dangerous threat to its continued existence: It has managed to survive Steve Ballmer and his deadly finishing move, the flying chair, just fine.

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