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+ - "Sharing" could come with a cost!

Submitted by Kevin1Kanode
Kevin1Kanode (2624475) writes "Next time before you lick that "share/post" button,ask yourself "Do I necessarily want others to know this?". Scammed Facebook users could lose insurance claims because they post too much information online ‘One friend of mine recently updated his status to say he was annoyed with his phone network. A hacker could easily use that information to then get hold of your email address and send an email which looks official saying, “we’re sorry you have had a bad experience, please click on this link for some money back''.' Maybe consider disabling the Facebook timeline?"

Comment: They turned Tropicana Field into a fortress. (Score 1) 1

by Kevin1Kanode (#41097083) Attached to: Hurricane Could Make a Mess of Republican Convention
I usually walk my dogs around the Tropicana Field where the Republican National Convention will be holding the cocktail party. They turned Tropicana Field into a fortress. I guess i have to find another spot to walk my dogs. I don't think I would make it through all those barricades without an invitation. :(

+ - This is why 100% anonymity claimed by VPN vendors is a lie!

Submitted by Kevin1Kanode
Kevin1Kanode (2624475) writes "Sep 2001,FBI arrested Cody Kretsinger, a core member of LulzSec for hacking into the Sony Pictures website. London based VPN provider Hide My Ass (HMA) appears to have played a vital role in Kretsinger’s arrest. It doesn’t take too much imagination to see that VPNs can also be used for outright illegal activities, copyright violations and hacking for example. All VPN providers know this and, while their terms and conditions always state that their services are not to be used for illegal activities, they derive a portion of their revenue from users who signed up for just that purpose, something all VPN providers are aware of. If a provider does not log your IP address and does not log your activity while using their system, how would they be able to investigate anything?"

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