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Comment: Re:Chromecast? (Score 1) 121

by Kevin108 (#49027957) Attached to: VLC Acquiring Lots of New Features

ES File Explorer can browse your local network. Add the ES Chromecast plugin and you are able to stream many media formats with it. There are audio issues with certain formats, but I imagine that will be addressed at some point.

The better solution is simply to install the Plex server on your computer and drop $5 on the app for your tablet. Create a free Plex account, install the app on your phone, and you can access all of your media with a clean, professional interface anywhere you can get online.

Comment: We've already paid for high speed infrastructure (Score 5, Insightful) 361

by Kevin108 (#46274823) Attached to: Killing Net Neutrality Could Be Good For You

In the early 2000s, the federal government gave tax breaks to the then-leading communications giants to install an open high-speed data infrastructure throughout the country. The amount of taxes they didn't collect averaged $2,000 per household. Shortly after that, the companies began sales and mergers. TechDirt.com published an article detailing this scam as recently as 2013.

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