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Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

"If you vote republican and accept Medicare and social security you are a hypocrite."

There is nothing hypocritical about accepting Medicare and Social Security. Assuming you've paid in your whole working life, taking advantage of those programs in retirement is simply getting back a portion of what was forcibly taken from you out of your earnings.

Comment The only real problem with eBooks is the price (Score 1) 133

When shopping online, eBooks typically cost just as much as the hardcover version. That is why there is not wider adoption.

eBooks would sell like crazy if priced $5 and under.

Just glancing at my bookshelf:

Stephen King - Cell (2006) New hardcover is $6. Kindle is $9.
Michael Crichton - State of Fear (2009) New hardcover is $6. Kindle is $5.

Comment Re:Cue the flamewar... (Score 1) 1134

Free, like Obamacare? Yeah, how's that working out for everyone? Patient care is worse, good doctors are fewer, and shit costs more than ever. But I think we'll pass on your idea of "free" healthcare.

(Even those who are steadfastly against Obamacare as a whole still like the the removal of pre-existing conditions and being able to insure your boomerang millenial until 26. We can leave those parts.)

Comment Re:Cue the flamewar... (Score 1) 1134

I as a regular Joe don't care if drug dealers are killing each other.

This is what the vast majority of gun crime in the US is. Take away gang members killing each other, and our stats look normal.

But you can admit there's a gang problem anywhere. It drops property values, so the residents don't want to admit it. It makes people ask what the police are doing about it, so the officials don't want to admit it. It interferes with the black market, so drug users don't want to admit it.

Comment Re:Cue the flamewar... (Score 1) 1134

Both sides of the gun debate agree that an improved mental healthcare system is needed.

The problem is that each side has a different definition of mental disorder.

The anti-gun side says, "Okay. If you you think you need to carry a gun, you're crazy."

The pro-gun side says, "Okay. If you think the lives of your loved ones aren't worth protecting, you're crazy."

Comment A software company showing respect for customers? (Score 1) 111

Damned if this isn't a first. I've never needed a licensed version of their software, but the transparency, respect, and benefit of the doubt they are giving users of their software, both paid and otherwise, truly impresses me. As such, I will be happy to purchase a license the next time I need their software.

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