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Submission + - iTunes Radio is now "Apple Music" (and you need a subscription)

Kevin by the Beach writes: If you haven't noticed... If you try to play iTunes radio on your devices it is now paywalled (you can get a free three month trial

The only reason I noticed is that I have an Apple TV which at one time had an iTunes Radio App. That app is no longer. Same is true if you select Music on your iOS devices, if you get to the iTunes Radio menu, you are redirected to sign up for the free trial.

Comment I like it, but...back off on the 3D effects (Score 1) 232

My only issue is the excessive use of 3D specific scenes.. If a movie is being shot for multiple formats, it's a waste of time for us NON-3D viewers to watch something that was really cool in 3D on the flat screen. I bet a good 15 minutes of a multi format feature can be eliminated to the cutting room floor for us folk that watch in two dimensions..

I'm a fan of special effects, but don't burden the story just because you can wow somebody with make believe cinematography.

Comment Who should you trust? (Score 2) 112

It will come down to the point where network vendors will need to spend more of their time verifying their code hasn't been tampered with. It wont be enough just to have change control, but we will need to have change locking and verification. Exploits come from many directions, but is it worth the cost to fight both internal and external agents.

This compromise hits the bottom line directly. It will effect purchase decisions, just like having Cisco products intercepted and tampered with by the NSA effected their sales. I guess it's now a matter of who do we want listening in... (State actors...US, China, etc, Corporate actors... Google, Apple, Dell, or Network Providers... Verizon, AT&T , Level 3, Comcast...) Unfortunately it's never just one party attempting to listen in, or glom on....


Comment Re:I laugh at death... (Score 1) 556

Unfortunately most "state of the art" storage systems have compression and de-duplication based compression enabled by default. So, if you want the storage system to use it's cpu and cache memory efficiently you need to store simple files (clear text or equiv). 5:1 or better compression is easy for just about any storage vendor. JBOD storage has no issues storing previously compressed/encrypted data, because it doesn't attempt to enhance the operations.

1. Compression removes common or repeating symbols and replaces each occurrence with a symbol in a table. (hopefully reducing the size)

2. Encryption may add (SALT) data to the stream, before using an algorithm and key to obscure contents ( likely increasing size, and eliminating any repeating symbols)

So if you Compress and Encrypt a stream before attempting to store it on a device that is also attempting to compress and encrypt before storing you will mostly eliminate any performance or storage (size reduction) gains. I observed a best of 1.06 : 1 compression ratio (and horrible performance) when attempting to store previously encrypted data.

Comment I laugh at death... (Score 1) 556

I wonder why the other issue about encryption has not been raised....drum roll please....

Encrypted information takes up more storage space, and actually can cripple most storage systems because it does not "de-duplicate" . I just finished a project where we "unencrypted" a 20+ TB database because the new storage system we purchased couldn't just store the data as is.

Comment I don't know it's a fact, I just know it's true... (Score 1) 92

David Hannum is quoted as saying "There's a sucker born every minute" (In reference to a P.T. Barnum hoax)

People in the know will quickly repair this huge hole, unfortunately the masses aka "suckers" will leave this vulnerability open to the world.

Mission accomplished.

Comment Re:Same old, same old. (Score 1) 488


If a population is artificially supported by a form of civilization and industrialization the number of people increases above the natural subsistence capacity for the region. Just add a major disruption (over a long enough time) and the population cannot survive. This naturally leads to migration, always has, always will.

Simply put: Subsistence is the lowest common denominator.

Comment Re:Whatever happend to millimeter wave? (Score 1) 712

If this is an exercise in blue sky thinking. I envision a day where this type of non-lethal device could replace the 16th century technology that is today's firearm. Taser and similar electrical / neural-electrical disruptive technologies are limited in that they require a conductive media (wires) to deliver the shock. I also believe that sonic cannons have an undisclosed liability. (if you use it and bystanders suffer permanent hearing loss) The same can be said for chemical agents, no single chemical agent is 100% safe. Flash bang grenades can blow up infants... and so on...

Incapacitating agents are a possibility, vomiting definitely will spoil the mood for any riotous activity... I just don't want to have to finger-swipe and do mouth to mouth on anybody that aspirates (yuck)

Comment Re:Has anybody ever heard of a firewall? (Score 1) 78

I agree that the evolution/purpose of the internet (and all wide area networks) can be exploited for nefarious purposes.

But, to not have a firewall is STUPIDITY!

Tea Leaves show that people/businesses/government entities can and will be sued for cyber security breaches. I'm just asking our government to do the most basic of functions that "a government" is created for, wielding the collective power of it's people. If a government can't protect it's own its not really fulfilling its purpose.

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