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Comment: Clutter + Python (Score 1) 278

by KerrickStaley (#39114067) Attached to: Best Language For Experimental GUI Demo Projects?

I'm working on a very similar project, and have chosen to use the Clutter toolkit along with Python. Both are cross-platform, and both are well suited to the task. Clutter is a little rough-around-the-edges, but it's getting better, and Python is the best language out there for quick, easy development.

Comment: Not quite (Score 5, Informative) 109

by KerrickStaley (#38956615) Attached to: Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Achieves OpenCL Support

From the article:
Unfortunately this current Nouveau OpenCL work done by Francisco Jerez isn't in the upstream Nouveau code-base but rather a separate branched Git repository. This is still out-of-tree work and it's not clear when it will be merged, but is already out of the question for the soon-to-be-out Mesa 8.0. The next hope would be seeing Mesa 8.1 be more OpenCL compute friend when that arrives in the middle of 2012.

Also, it only supports the older NV50 cards, not the newer NVC0 cards. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, though: if OpenCV gets OpenCL support, then computer vision people could do GPGPU without needing the proprietary drivers.

Comment: Just get used to Gnome 3 (Score 1) 357

by KerrickStaley (#38464004) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Assembling a Linux Desktop Environment From Parts?

The people in this thread need to step back and evaluate their priorities. It's a *window manager*. It allows you to move windows around so that you can do what you're supposed to do with a computer, which is *use applications*.

From experience, Gnome 3 does an extremely effective job of allowing you to manage windows, while getting out of you way so you can actually get things done. What's more, it has an easy-to-use interface for opening applications and configuring system settings, and it's visually elegant.

Gnome 3 is intended to be better than Gnome 2, and it is; you just have to give it a chance. Stop being so self-righteously petty.

Comment: Awesome for the environment (Score 1) 619

by KerrickStaley (#38041356) Attached to: In-Vitro Muscle Cells, It's What's For Dinner
Meat is too environmentally inefficient. The human race cannot carry on its current levels of meat consumption for much longer, and it's good to see researchers pushing towards another alternative for meat eaters. Personally, I don't mind soy burgers (they're really pretty good; very healthy too), but I understand where people who prefer actual meat are coming from.

Comment: Who cares? (Score 2) 263

by KerrickStaley (#37651868) Attached to: Was the iPod Accessory Port Inspired By a 40-Year-Old Camera?
Who wants to hear some blogger gossip about how some component of an Apple product kinda-sorta-maybe looks like that of some other 40-year-old product? It's in the same vein as comparing the Kennedy/Lincoln assassinations: you can always find random coincidences if you look hard enough.

Comment: Could hardly read; also, see Joel Spolsky's piece (Score 1) 688

by KerrickStaley (#36977592) Attached to: Was<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET All a Mistake?
Please, use commas when you write; the summary was extremely difficult to read. Also, Joel Spolsky has a great blog entry on Microsoft's tendency to vacillate between different frameworks (the article, though a decade old, is still relevant):

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