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Comment: More rip-offs happen through legit processors... (Score 1) 140

by Kernel Krumpit (#41719281) Attached to: Visa and MasterCard Take Fight To Scammers

In my experience more rip-offs, theft, lies and financial ruin are caused by payment processors, major banks, VISA, MasterCard, CitiBank and others of that ilk/mode/genre.

Malware on a Windows machine costs an hour to remove and $25.00 for Malwarebytes.

Tell me these assholes in the first paragraph haven't stolen more than $100.00 from you!

There's just no perspective anymore

Comment: Re:Well, do it, but... (Score 1) 503

by Kernel Krumpit (#41719221) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Securing a Windows Laptop, For the Windows Newbie?

As for the machine itself, install CCleaner and AVG (which IMHO is among the least intrusive of the A/V solutions)


IMHO these are among the last two Software Applications I would EVER use on a Windows machine... for many reasons.

I've been managing MS Windows based IT infrastructures for Small and Medium businesses since 1982 - when it was Program Executive...

Use Malwarebytes antimalware and MS Disk Cleanup.

None of my clients networks from BC to CA have ever been intruded or compromised in 30 years. Never! (Yes, Sonicwall's help but are not necessary.)

AVG is, IMHO, both overly weighty and ineffective and CCleaner is downright dangerous, unnecessary and overkill for most Home users.

The amount of IT infrastructure security information constantly coming from wannabe Net Admins on this site is predominantly misleading and dangerous....

Comment: Re:This is bad. (Score 1) 88

Interestingly enough one of my more "senior" clients forgot their original 10 year old MSN password. After a few days "battling it out" with MSN and all the usual verification tests - for the innocents involved - MSN REFUSED to hand over the account with either a new or an old password to the rightful account owner!

Comment: Re:How long has this been going on? (Score 1) 88

I have 3 hotmail/livemail accounts, 1 Gmail account and my own Exchange Server with 50 or so email addresses (from 5 Domains). Some interesting facts from my digital life follow. - My hotmail accounts have never been compromised (1 of my hotmail accounts is over 12 years old) - my gmail account has never been compromised - I pick-up email from my 4 cloud accounts above via POP. I leave no emails in the cloud and seldom access my online accounts. - the only email addresses i've ever had compromised were both "unique" and jacked from The US Bank (e.g. and the Bill Paying company my city council uses for their utility payments (e.g. Shocking I know but the "secure" online Bill Payer lied and denied and obfuscated the compromise and the US Bank admitted tit and were "looking into it"!! Needless to say those two compromised emails were changed within 2 minutes.

Comment: Re:To quote Jimmy Buffett (Fenway Park, 2004): (Score 1) 473

by Kernel Krumpit (#38251350) Attached to: Half Life of a Tech Worker: 15 Years
Me too - born in 1954! I've been "Small Biz. NetWk Support" since 1982. I'm a one man show and the way we keep the quality of our work up and our prices down is that we don't hire employees and we don't pay squat to no landlords! I've never gone out of my way to learn much 'nix and I integrate Macs onto Windows Networks all the time. I don't care - throw it at me - I'll make it dance! As of this years school season it took two weeks for me to get booked through till May next year. I've had a couple of customers over 15 years. My "home based" IT work is just spare change! MS Windows Networking worked (and continues to) for me. I was in "food and beverage" prior to 1982 - Connaught Hotel, Maxim's classy places and I'd still always go back to being a Waiter without a care in the world - but IT Networking pays mo' beddah! Business is great, Life's terrific and people are wonderful....

Comment: Re:Engadget just did a review (Score 1) 569

by Kernel Krumpit (#38172628) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Camera For Getting Into Photography?
I love my Lumix DMC-ZS7 Leica Lens, 16x Zoom/12x Optical, HDMI, Tons of features and auto modes or, just use the "Automatic Intelligent/Ai" mode. Great Battery life, GPS, Large 3inch screen. Bought it at Costco for about $300 US. That was 6 months ago. It's probably $200 by now!

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