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Comment Re:Taxation too. (Score 2) 266

You're not going to lure top talent to your country to try and make a billion dollar business when you promise to tax most of their income at 75%..

If memory serves, that was the tax rate for income beyond the first million euros. Do you personally know *anyone* who makes even close to that? The explicit target were the clique of fatcat CEOs who sit in each others' boardrooms and vote their respective salaries up.

Comment Re:Remember the guy who hired a Chinese programmer (Score 1) 271

There was more to that story though.

The guy was pretty good at managing his Chinese programmer. I've rescued enough projects that were initiated by clients who hired cheap coders to suggest that your average non-techie manager is not going to succeed at doing the same.

So it's really a story about the rare breed of local programmers who are able to make $20k/year code grunts produce useful things instead of spaghetti. The savings aren't that spectacular upon factoring that in.

Oh, and there are intellectual property considerations to factor in as well. When selecting the very cheapest labor, you occasionally run into full time employees who are in fact working two or three "full time" jobs in addition to the occasional eLance jobs and what have you.

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