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Comment: Re:Could the sun be mostly iron? (Score 2, Informative) 141

by Kentari (#46229483) Attached to: Oldest Known Star In the Universe Discovered
Hot fusion has been replicated many times on the surface of the Earth in: Hydrogen bombs (uncontrolled), Tokamaks, Stellerators, Z-pinch machines, Farnsworth fusors (in peoples backyard shed) and other devices. We have not managed to extract more energy from it than we put in, but we certainly replicated it.

Comment: Re:Oldest star to date, but likely came from anoth (Score 2) 141

by Kentari (#46229391) Attached to: Oldest Known Star In the Universe Discovered

It is indeed historical. The ancient Greeks divided the stars in 6 categories or magnitudes, magnitude 1 for the brightest stars to 6 for those barely visible with the naked eye. The mathematical formula only emerged later (1856 by Pogson) who defined the brightness scale by: a magnitude 1 star is 100 times brighter than a magnitude 6 star and Polaris is magnitude 2 which more or less fitted the ancient magnitude scale.

Comment: Re:Awesome (Score 2) 582

Open voting on public elections is a very bad idea and directly undermines democracy. It leads directly to intimidation and bribery. Ever heard of employers forcing employees to vote on 'the right party' or find themselves without a job? That's why secret ballots are considered essential to democracy. Open voting by representatives on the other hand ensures voters can verify their chosen representative at least represents them and can adjust their voting in the next election (whether they actually do that is of course another matter).

Comment: Re:Amazing (Score 1) 185

by Kentari (#43579689) Attached to: Nearest Alien Planet Gets New Name
Aerospace consultant? Did the shipbuilders also get to name the discoveries of explorers? But I highly doubt he was even involved in building the HARPS instrument or the ESO 3.6m Telescope. So it would be like some random ship builder in England naming Hispaniola "Some bloke's passed away granddad's place" after doing a contest about it and expect it to be accepted. What these Uwingu guys are doing is disrespectful for the discoverers, the IAU and the granddad. I wouldn't like it if people attached my name to a celestial body illegitimately.

Comment: No surprise... (Score 4, Informative) 67

by Kentari (#43022635) Attached to: Russian Meteor Likely an Apollo Asteroid Chunk

There are only 2 types of Earth crossing asteroids: Apollos with a semi major axis larger than 1AU and perihelion smaller than Earth's aphelion and Atens with a semi major axis smaller than 1AU and aphelion larger than Earth's perihelion. There are 4803 known Apollo asteroids (I don't know where the 5200 number in the summary comes from but IAU's Minor Planet Center knows of only 4803) and 747 known Atens, so there was a very good chance that the meteorite was an Apollo...

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