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Comment Re:Normal women... (Score 1) 765

Who would vagina jokes offend? Would that be supposed to be a hostile workplace to men? Cause as a guy... I find that thought extraordinarily absurd. Most likely, it would also be considered "offensive and hostile towards women". This leads me to conclude that any genitalia themed software is thus offensive to women, but apparently, implicitly, not to men. Know that saying when you can't spot the sucker in the room... it's you? Well, when you have a problem with everyone/everything, you are actually the one with the problem.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised (Score 1) 54

I played EQ from about 99-04, in a lot of ways I really liked the toughness of the game since I came in from MUDs that were even more brutal so it seemed like an easier game lol, though when I started playing again recently just to reminisce I realized just how difficult it is compared to modern mmos. I also liked that if you really screwed up you could potentially screw yourself out of a whole day just due to like you said, corpse retrieval or whatever. It was part of the charm imo.

EQ did fix some things though such as the corpse retrieval (gear doesn't drop in corpse anymore, just exp) and they put in mercenaries to let you solo most places. It's far more casual now than it used to be.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised (Score 1) 54

They didn't really have to create anything new to compete. EQ is/was better in many ways to WoW, though not saying that WoW is bad in any way, but your statement is like saying when Guild Wars 2 came out that Blizzard had to release something else to compete with it. EQ is from an era that was vastly different than most MMOs today on a rather fundamental level so they kept a fairly stable playerbase, but without something to get new blood it was eventually doomed, it just took 16 years.

Comment Re:Details? (Score 1) 159

This is Slashdot. If it's software related and negative, everyone blames Microsoft whether they are involved or not. It seems to me like the government wanted free stuff so it stands to reason that the people who create stuff for their livelihood would not like that. I mean... that's the whole point in people not liking piracy. Just cause you put it into law doesn't mean it's morally right... kind of like legal tax evasion for churches.

Comment Re:"Great minds think alike"... apk (Score 1) 179

That's true in some cases, but very false in others. CS is not just about math, in fact, I have done almost no complex math since I left college and started my career like 7 years ago. CS to me has been more about critical problem solving, high impact design, and making sure you don't cause more work with the work you do. I work on a highly parallel data warehouse that uses both hardware and azure vm services and while I need almost no math, there is an incredible amount of research and thinking that go into it. This is one area where experience is quite important, but fancy algorithms are almost entirely useless.

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