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Comment: Re:Treating symptoms instead of disease (Score 1) 565

by Kefaa (#32778402) Attached to: Intel Co-Founder Calls For Tax On Offshored Labor

"truly globalized and free economy" may be a wish for some but it is the fallacy. Take India, where they can compete and are even given preference on contracts within the US as minority owned businesses. However, to get a contract in India, as a foreign company, makes winning the lottery look easy. A rule as simple as "sustaining displaced workers." The "English" version means you need to hire a worker in India if your business would displace that worker in order to do business there.

Free traders need to recognize that we have neither free nor fair trade and being the first to unilaterally choose the option has proven a complete failure to all except those few board members making millions on the savings.

Comment: Re:LEARN (Score 2, Insightful) 132

by Kefaa (#22930304) Attached to: NYC Lawyers Subpoena Code
"You" only get dragged in front of a judge if you are a fool. Anyone who believes they can go into a court without a lawyer truly has a fool for a client.

Having said that, you may still end up in court, and if you have setup a deletion policy (even if it is a policy that no logs are kept), and you follow the policy in all cases, little can be done. There is sufficient precedent to support the deletion of logs, emails, etc. as perfectly legal and within the realm of business propriety. Where trouble starts is having a policy of one day, but only following it when you feel like it. Or leaving it to the end user - which is the same as not having a policy.

Set a policy - always follow the policy.

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