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Submission + - The Video game issue supreme court case Transcript

Kc_spot writes: "As you all well know the Supreme Court heard arguments over weather or not California could in fact ban violent video games from sale to minors (strictly those younger than 18). Here is the transcript of the hearing. No ruling will be decided upon until June 2011(I heard..) Enjoy..."

Submission + - Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Video Game Case->

itwbennett writes: On Tuesday the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case that would make it illegal to sell 'ultra-violent' video games to minors in California — a law that was passed in 2005 and was immediately challenged and granted a temporary injunction. Early reports from inside the courtroom seem to indicate the Court will side with the video game industry, but obviously we won't know for certain until we hear the final ruling. Regardless of which side you're on, there's some good news to be had, says blogger Peter Smith: 'The Supreme Court Justices seemed to know what they were talking about' and 'asked questions that showed they were familiar with the medium of video games.'
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Comment Re:My #1 beef with these moves is... (Score 1) 342

I need to read more... a hundred times this... also I'm in class and a got a good discussion, and we got to this... "Because of the GTA 4 mod having to need to have the user hack it, essentially you would have ban all video games." Because you can modify any game to show boobs, anyone could DL those mods and we would have a lot of rule 34 running around. Yes, I know that would mean that most of everyone would have to be DL/modding games maliciously, but the point remains that since anyone with video game programing skills could hack/distribute these mods, games are subject to general ban. (I'd LOVE to congress try it to see all the nerds rage... including me)

Comment Re:I must be a threat to public safety then! (Score 1) 342

I guess what it is then is that we all have violent tendencies to deal with... and video games/movies are how we deal with that... though I'd like to see what would happen if you allow a full-fledged gang-member watch or play something violent... would it truly push him to do more violent things? or discourage it? ...that's my thought anyway.

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