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Comment Re: Has the systemd problem been addressed? (Score 1) 147

One thing that (AFAIK) can cause this is the fstab file listing filesystems as required to boot which are not present. Other init systems may incorrectly ignore their absence, but systemd believes that if a required filesystem is missing manyal intervention should be required.

Although this shoukd be pretty obvious from tge 'journalctl -xb' output.

Comment Re: You can't fix stupid (Score 1) 159

"Remember way back, over 10 years ago when Steve Jobs started eslling music online? And how iTunes grew to become THE source for music? And how Apple managed to bully the music industry?"

And how did this come to pass? The music industry spent 5 years fighting MP3 downloads and trying to bankrupt their customers for 'piracy' when they could have spent the 5 years building their own online music store and dictating to music player manufacturers. They would have found thay instead of having to take their customer to court that their customers would happily give them money for the very minimal effort (no manufacturing or distribution costs etc.).

So to me it looks mostly like they are repeating their mistakes (unless you count Hulu, but Hulu doesn't seem to have plans to launch in many other countries whereas Netflix is now available in mosy of the world).

Comment IPv6 SLAAC without EUI-64 (Score 1) 112

The summary was maybe bit misleading
  This is not actually abput changing your MAC address, but using a different algorithm for IPv6 StateLess Address Auto Configuration than the EUI-64 method (which is "ef80${MAC}").

This doesn't impact IPv4 DHCP or AP MAC address filters at all, and if your routers are configured to send the right eouter advertisements in response to IPv6 router solicitation, will have no impact on DHCPv6.

Comment Re: Can we end-of-life Microsoft instead? (Score 1) 250

Ubuntu != Linux

Most of the problems listed were Ubuntu/Unity-specific.

In my experience, Linux also wins on performance and stability, but is behind in applications available and support for new or obscure hardware (but support for widely used hardware that has been available for 1 year or more is better than Windows).

Comment Re: Does it STILL USE X11 on OS X ?? (Score 2) 119

The release notes for wine 1.6 (, which was released on 18 July 2013, state:

"*** Mac driver

- A native Mac OS X driver is implemented, for better integration with the Mac desktop environment. The full range of driver features are supported, including OpenGL, window management, clipboard, drag & drop, system tray, etc.

- X11 is no longer needed on Mac OS X, but the X11 driver is still supported, e.g. when running remotely. Note: the Mac driver requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later, it cannot be built or used on 10.5.

- FontConfig is no longer needed on Mac OS X and is disabled by default, system fonts are enumerated using the Core Text API instead."

(sorry if the formatting ends up poor, no preview on mobile)

Comment Re: LXTerminal (Score 1) 352

Oh, the GIMP is kinda obligatory but you got to have Gnome...

GIMP doesn't require GNOME, but GTK and some related libraries.

Dolphin is so nice, but all those KDE deps for one program?

KDE5 is changing that.

I understand toolkits and DEs and they provide a cheap basis on which to build lots of software... but if you want just one excellent app (K3B, Inkscape, etc.) your machine will get a lot fatter -- not to mention the conflicts which might^H^H^H^H^H will arise.

What conflicts? I usually run KDE with evolution installed (need a mail client with Exchange support), and have never, in mqny years see any conflict. For many years (when actively packaging gui apps and thus needing to test menu entries)
I ran with multiple full desktop environments installed, and saw no conflicts.

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