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Comment Re:Women don't want the work (Score 1) 398 398

So. Women dislike guys like XopherMV. That's why they are underrepresented in tech jobs. OK, got you.

Also, we see that girls outperform boys (on average) on most subject, with math being one huge glaring exception, where boys manage to be of the top, most of the bottom (as usual) but also noticeably better on average.

What should we attribute that to? Is that social injustice again, somehow affecting only certain subjects? Is it some negative influence by XopherMV and the likes? Or maybe we can finally accept that different genders perform differently ON AVERAGE so diversity issues might actually NOT result from some kind of discrimination?

So that people should be hired based on merit alone, fuck eye color/race/gender/whatever and if numbers are skewed it doesn't necessarily mean, there is discrimination?

Comment Re:AMD doesn't have NVDIA's resources to throw aro (Score 1) 113 113

They are better than most people think. Figure how they got to power both Sony and Microsoft consoles.
Or how 290x beat Titan while costing several times more.

Sadly, that "oh, but they suck" attitude does hurt a lot. Try to find a notebook with IPS screen and AMD's Carrizo APU... =[

Comment Response to AMD's LiquidVR? (Score 1) 25 25

AMD's pioneering Virtual Reality technology is poised to bring better content, comfort, and compatibility to VR applications – from simulations, gaming, entertainment, education, social media, travel and medicine to real estate, ecommerce and more – for a whole new level of presence.


Comment A couple details here (Score 1) 138 138

Intel's CPU will be an option, but surely you can get it with AMD as well:

Fury X beats Titan X at many games at 4k resolution and even more at 5k.
Fury X beats 980 Ti (pre-emptive release by nvidia, that anticipated Fury X) at 4k, whit the same recommended price.

Now, these boxes will have to of Furys.

FuryX also has a nice "FPS cap" feature, which allows it to drop frequency to save power when you are beyond reasonable FPS (i.e. 90+, actual number depends on your taste).

Had they chosen to not allow Intel's CPU it would cripple it, but with i7 option, it's a great product.

Comment Re:Also lower power for performance (Score 1) 138 138

It depends.
According to anand, AMDs Jaguar was best in class perf/watt (and you bet perf/buck too) so no wonder it ended up in both Xbox/Playstation.

AMD has great notebooks chips (look at Carrizo) too, but nobody offers them, as in old "@HP we will give you our processors for free! No, thanks" times. I couldn't care less about i3 being faster in single core tasks, if its integrated GPU is so pathetic compares to AMDs and yet gaming is the only stressful task my notebook ever has.

Comment They actually support both. (Score 1) 138 138

FX-8350 isn't that bad compared to i7 4790k, but not at gaming.

Anyway, Intel CPU inside it will be ONE OF THE OPTIONS. AMD CPU configurations will also be available

We have Quantum designs that feature both AMD and Intel processors, so we can fully address the entire market.


Comment It will work, to an extent (Score 1) 328 328

Ok, we know it won't reach out to entire internet.

Those, who will switch back to google/bing, are anyway not yahoo's customers, so why would they care about annoying them?
On the other hand, some people might discover yahoo this way and, well, stick with it.

Comment But PS3 hardware is way too different (Score 1) 98 98

Let me put aside the "they want more money" argument as I don't quite get why it would apply to a single company.

Let's check PS3 and PS4 hardware:.
PS3: Cell CPU with one "generic" core and 8 vector cores. (that single core ran at 3.2Ghz and was quite fast even by today's standards)
PS4: 8 AMD "Jaguar" cores. People normally badmouth AMD, but Jaguar's were best perf/watt at the point consoles were released, if we trust anandtech.
Anyway, there are 8 SMALL cores now, you must multi-thread to effectively use it.

Try to map that to 1 faster core + 8 specialized cores to 8 not so fast cores. It simply won't work.

Now Microsoft.
Xbox360: 3 core IBM cores with some special instructions
XBone: 8 core AMD "Jaguar" cores that are at least on par of IBM cores
Still quite a challenge, but nowhere at Sony's levels.

Comment Re:What are... (Score 1) 273 273

I don't get why your post was moderated "troll"...

Anyway, what's wrong with Celsius for temperature, please?
0 - is when water starts to freeze vs Farenheit's temperature when mixture of water and salt (and something else) starts to freeze.
100 - is boiling water (dayum hot). vs Farenheit's 97.88 "normal body temperature" (WTF?)
Farenheit is also finer than it needs to be (you don't really distinguish between 97 and 95, whereas 2-3 degrees Celsius is already noticeable)
So C correlates to real word situation much better than F.

A foot, is not just a foot, but a certain guy's foot. If I could measure things using mine, and that number would still work for others, it would make sense. But it's somebody else's foot (some English king?), how can I use it? There is no problem assessing what size things are in metric system either.

I can give you one counter example though, of imperial units still being used in Europe: hose diameter. It's still quite often measured in inches. 1", 5/4, 3/4, 1/2 inch is easier to remember, than millimeters.

Comment USSR tracked the rocket (Score 2) 307 307

Trajectory of the rocket was not hard to calculate.
Soviet Radars closely watched the rocket.
Here is what Alexey Leonov (soviet cosmonaut) said about the hoax theory (I've translated only important part):

"... we had military unit 32103, which supported space transmission... Unlike the rest of Soviet Union, we watched Armstrong and Aldring landing on the moon... "

Grechko, another famous soviet cosmonaut adds to it:

"We know for sure that Americans landed on the moon. When we were receiving the transmission, it was from the moon, not from Hollywood"...

Add to it: hundreds of kilograms of moon soil, which are identical to several hundred grams brought to Earth by soviet robots..

Comment Re:why is Eric snowden an expert on security (Score 1) 196 196

Flamebait, eh?... Good Lord....

I have been following news, somewhat.
I know Snowden has leaked a lot of intelligence materials and as far as I remember, it was mostly about (mostly illegal) surveillance, which, as such, doesn't qualify as "terrible act" in my books.

But torture, eh? He did make statements about it, but it was a fucking senate report: WTF did he "leak" about torture?

And, oh, I live in Germany. And, nope, I don't care about Merkel being spied on. Considering what a pathetic motherfucker our previous chancellor was, I even feel a bit safer, if an ally keeps an eye on them.

Comment An example from 2011 (Score -1, Redundant) 196 196

For what it's worth. (I've missed why one has to upload this data to Apple, though)

The privacy scare stems from a discovery by two data scientists, who revealed Wednesday that iPhones and iPads contain an unencrypted file called “consolidated.db,” which has been tracking and recording your location data in a log accompanied with time stamps for the past 10 months.

The purpose of all this, according to Apple, is to maintain a comprehensive location database, which in turn provides quicker and more precise location services.

Apple must be able to determine quickly and precisely where a device is located,” Apple said in its letter. “To do this, Apple maintains a secure database containing information regarding known locations of cell towers and Wi-Fi access points.”


Comment Re:No, not really (Score 1) 298 298

Well, there is quite a bit of tax in that price (although 36 cent is a bit high, I pay about 28 $ cent) and clearly, you cannot switch to renewable energy, without huge investments and that money should come from somewhere.

Note that gasoline is also quite expensive in Germany (again, taxes).
1 liter of 95 ROZ ("Eurosuper") costs about 1.45Euro, i.e. about $6.22 per gallon

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