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Comment Re:Require that patents be defended (Score 1) 134

Still, "Patents were created to benefit the public, not the inventor.":

Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, known as the Copyright Clause, empowers the United States Congress:
To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.

No word on "let's let inventor become really really rich".

Comment Re:Require that patents be defended (Score 2) 134

If your expertise isn't running a manufacturing company and you are developing software (as I am) you don't need patents either.
In fact, patent shit is an obstacle for me, with legal department going on "OMG open source, PATENT ALARM" every now and then.
(they do have a point, when you buy commercial stuff, if it infridges, it's seller's problem, kind of "troll protection")

Let me put it this way: there is NO "multi million investment" into actual software that benefits from software patents.

Most of US hardware patents are not valid in EU, yet no bad impact noticed so far, on the contrary, no "troll took on company X" stories in Europe.

Comment Re:Athlon X4 845 why cut pci-e lanes? amd is losin (Score 1) 81

Did you try, cough, playing games with it?
The only RUNTIME demanding (i.e. "just wait a bit longer" won't cut it) tasks that I can through at my notebook are games.
And at that kind of tasks, AMD Carrizo notebook chip pwns most things Intel has offer (bar Iris Pro, which is much more expensive)

Comment AMD will likely be the first to ship HBM2 GPU too (Score 1) 65

It has been said that Pascal GP104 will use GDDR5X. If Nvidia repeats the cycle GP104 will be their flagship and big Pascal GP110 wont be GeForce ready until next cycle some time in 2017.

Which would make sense, considering that nVidia has no experience with HBM.

AMD - Hynix collaboration on HBM started a while ago, by the end of 2013 they've only "finalized HBM 3D memory", it took 2 more years to ship Fury series GPUs with HBM::

Comment My anecdotal evidence. (Score 1) 127

I work for 2 companies. (hired by one, doing projects for another)
One has recently changed the policy and has explicitly forbidden using emails for private needs.
But it can't just go and monitor my emails, what can happen at most is that if employee isn't available (say, ill) yet someone needs to urgently take over hist duties, mailbox could be used by the other person.

There are some funny rules too, it is prohibited to watch porn using your company notebook even if not working/at home. (afraid of viruses?)

This kind of "seeing previous guys emails" thing wasn't possible before, isn't possible now at the other company.

Neither of the two companies is allowed to monitor what employees are doing at work (e.g. watching what's going on on your screen) if management would dare to try to change it, trade unions would start one hell of a shit storm.

Comment Re:SmartTV, Dumb Executives (Score 2) 89

Buying a Steam Box to... watch youtube videos etc, is one weird decision.
Lack of updates is another puzzling reason, I have a bunch of TVs and even 5 year old C series Samsung keeps updating stuff (which is rather annoying).

Not sure about new revisions, but most of the older Samsung TVs I touched ran Linux.
There is a wonderful SamyGo project, which allows you to root and harness your TV (full shell access, SAMBA/NFS mounts, ui patches and even cardsharing clients)

Comment Re:the password is needed to install free stuff / (Score 1) 540

A couple of years ago Google definitely did NOT ask for a password by default. (and that after Apple has lost a case in court on remembering passwords).
So wonderful "clouds and ships" game my kid was playing managed to charge me 9.99 Euro within minutes after I've bought something from an app store USING MY BLOODY PC.

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