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Comment Re:Mozilla, please stop destroying yourself! (Score 1) 187

For Most Recently Used tabs switching at the very least.
That's one major fuck up on Google's side, request to improve was closed with "oh, do it with addons", except there is no addon that can do it the way you have it it Opera (the way it was in old Opera).

Comment Wow, only 19KW, comparing to consumpiton (Score 1) 59

As far as I see most e-cars consume about 30KWh give or take to drive 100km.
With 19KW charger, you need 1.5 hour of charging, for 1 hour of driving.

Would be a bit better in most of Europe, with 220-240V normal, 380V+ three phase current, but still, yikes, yikes...

And there comes fuel cell Mirai (Toyota):

Note that that type of fuel cell is both quite efficient (70% of energy is turned into electricity) and should be cheap to make too.
I wonder, why Musk is so against it. Invested in Li too much?

Comment German radios reports mobile radars all day long (Score 1) 244

German radios reports mobile radars all day long.
You know, those, which photograph your car when you cross the limit.
(there are also stationary ones)
They also report when police is standing there with, cough, radar.

Is that illegal in Denmark?

Comment "Active City Stop" (Score 2) 57

One of the recent models of Mazda I drove (I'm pretty sure all manufacturers have that, Ford at the very least) had "active city stop" feature, active at speeds up to, 30km/h, if I remember correctly.

Car would emergency break ON ITS OWN if it would spot a pedestrian.
To my knowledge, they use some "radar like" technology for it.
I guess it's not far sighted enough for a self driving car.

Comment Then you don't quite get a number of things (Score 1) 457

1) Nothing stops JIT compiler to produce code that is faster than static compiler, on the contrary, JIT compiler can do faster, knowing runtime data (i.e. which branch is more likely to execute) OK?
2) I've written "parse file and feed it into DB" Java code that beat C code written by a colleague. (used JavaCC/JDBC)
3) In general, Java loses vs C on the following fronts:
a) operations like sin/cos, since it must produce exactly the same result on all platform
b) memory footprint
c) uh, no stack, just very fast (compared to C) heap

All that is not because of JIT compilation, but rather because of automatic mem-management. That's the price you pay for having easier time diagnosing / fixing errors.

In real life, mem footprint is the major difference you'd notice. It's in no way "times slower".

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