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Comment: Dreaming about USSR-2 (Score 2) 878

by Kartu (#46508587) Attached to: Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"

And invading neighbors is relaxing indeed.
This time, unlike 2008 when downplaying it and getting back to business as usual was as easy as setting up Tagliavini commission, it's a breach of treaty from 1997, where US, UK, AND RUSSIA stated they'd respect AND DEFEND Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. That was the reason Ukrain said no to nuclear weapons (which it has plenty, along with the rockets).

Now ponder how well did Chamberlain style negotiation worked with Hitler's depressed Germany.

Comment: And would China (Score 1) 878

by Kartu (#46508493) Attached to: Russian State TV Anchor: Russia Could Turn US To "Radioactive Ash"

And would China, that unexpectedly did not support Russia in UN this time, intervene?

And if it is a war, it won't be just US, it would be a joint EU + USA and (likely Canada, Australia, Japan too) vs Russia.
China has no interest whatsoever in supporting Putin and needs countries to export goods to.

Comment: I'm a software developer (Score 1) 199

And please, don't mix me into this.
Most money in this area is spent on "tailor made" "for this company only" projects, makes no sense to copy them.

On the other hand we have HTC paying Microsoft for every Android phone they sell because MS managed to patent insane shit like "showing icon in the loading area of the browser".

No, thanks.

Comment: Bullshit, the parliament was elected in 2012 (Score 1) 498

by Kartu (#46452533) Attached to: Ukraine May Have To Rearm With Nuclear Weapons Says Ukrainian MP

And is as legitimate as it gets.

Yanukovych's de facto removal from office was a coup.

His own party has voted against him after he tried to sell Ukraine to Mr Putin.
A coup is something of much smaller scale, not result of a massive nation wide protest.

And some part of the population in Crimea wants them there.

Some population in Kaliningrad wants Germans there.
Some population in Kuril islands wants Japanese there.
Some population in Siberia wants Chinese there.

And oh, some population in USA wants Russian there too. Shall they?

So, an "invasion"? Not clear.

That's what illegally sending troops into foreign country is.

As for "an existential fight in the west", it's doubtful that Putin wants to absorb all of Ukraine.

There is no doubt he wants as much of it, as he can grasp. He claimed USSR collapse to be a "big tragedy" and from time to time whines about territories lost by collapse of russian Empire back in 1918.

Keep in mind that Ukraine is a synthetic state, based on the "Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic" set up by the USSR...which was created with a bunch of ethnic Russians exactly to keep Ukrainian nationalism in check.

The biggest country in Europe with 44 million citizens (about 80% of them Ukrainians and "whopping" 17% Russians) is "synthetic" eh?
Are you Russian, my friend? Because I've only heard BS like that coming from pro-Putin Russians.

Comment: When Russia invaded Georgia back in 2008 (Score 2) 479

Most western government thoughts were actually "oh, how do we spin it to continue business as usual with Russia".

Tagliavini commission was created, and as it included 2 German "experts" who had upfront declared Russia had right to invade, so it was clear what kind of task was assigned to them, (thank you Ms Merkel)
Commission has come to surprising conclusions, that Georgian government did not have right to defend it's own people on its own territory (which was bombed by heavy artillery on daily bases), yet Russia had right to defend it's "peacekeepers", (even though there is no evidence that any attack on Russian "peacekeepers" whatsoever has been carried out by Georgians), but just overreacted a bit. (on top of it 2 Georgian peacekeepers were killed on 6th of Aug 2008, somehow neither that did justify actions of the Georgian government (it was actually a mixed Russia-Georgian peacekeeping operation))

Now, Russia is AGAIN getting premium treatment, for just being aggressive. You can clearly see that in most messages (and even journalist comments) in the West.
Oh, there are interests, you know. Old USSR junk that is even remotely usable only vs former USSR republics absolutely has to be stationed in the Ukraine. Oh and there are Russians on the peninsula. And oh, there are interests of Putin there. Oh dare not make him angry, or it is all your fault.

I recall a guy called Chamberlain had similar, as well as extremely successful, approach to aggressors about 70 years ago.

Comment: You should take it with a grain of salt though (Score 1) 117

by Kartu (#46366095) Attached to: Sundar Pichai: Android Designed For Openness; Security a Lower Priority

For how long does Apple ask to confirm permissions when they are requested? Wasn't it like Apple users didn't even know what an app can and can not access?

And there goes false safety feeling. Remember the Dolphin browser "calling home" to report sites visited by the users?
1) It affected both Android and iOS
2) It was discovered by Andorid users, (and Android is indeed more open)

I don't see any serious issues with Android asking user to confirm permissions, when they are actually exercised by the app. That whole article sounds more like a unfortunate marketing message by Android chief.

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