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Comment: Re:Ironically, the first Highway Robbery committed (Score 2) 182 182

There's significant evidence that someone has been injecting tungsten filled "gold bars" into the world gold market. They're the correct weight, they displace the correct amount of water, the only way to tell is that the electrical resistance is something like .01% off. And cutting them in half, of course.

Comment: You might want to do your research. (Score 2) 362 362

Uh... you can easily burn out a lithium ion battery like the ones tesla uses by going below 1% charge. If their system isn't intelligent enough to completely stop battery use at 3%, and report that as 0, it's entirely possible to kill the whole power plant.

Comment: My experience with cheating... (Score 1) 330 330

Is that the cheaters are going to cheat, no matter what you do. Had a guy who listened to class material on his ipod in class. Wrote answers on their hands. Texted them to each other. Bluetooth micro-earpiece and mumbled questions under their breath. You can't stop them. You just have to let them know that when they get their dream job, with their fake resume and their unjust transcript, and they get fired within a month because they can't do it, that perhaps they would have been better off learning the material.

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