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Comment: Re:Perfect? Really? (Score 1) 340

by Karganeth (#48773919) Attached to: Researchers "Solve" Texas Hold'Em, Create Perfect Robotic Player
It will never work like you think it does. It will never fold 100% to a bet in any scenario. It will fold a probability between 0 and 100. Maybe 30% maybe 70%. It is the perfect strategy in the sense that even though you know the strategy entirely you can still lose. I can tell you my entire tic tac toe strategy. And yet you will still be unable to defeat me, though you may lose if you make mistakes. This is how the bot is. You can only hope to draw with it.

Comment: Re:Voliunteer workers for the IRS? (Score 1) 246

by Karganeth (#47845849) Attached to: Protesters Blockade Microsoft's Seattle Headquarters Over Tax Breaks
I'm tired of hearing this "companies exist only to maximize profits" garbage. Companies are controlled by people. People do not exist to maximize how much money they can make, therefore they are free to choose to control a company in a way such that it does something less profitable but more moral. There's never any proof that it's why companies exist anyway. It's just an 'edgy' way to look at society ('companies don't care about you, they only want profits'), but where is the proof that companies must maximize profits at all costs? It's just always asserted without any evidence or reasoning. It is a net loss to society if all companies exploited loopholes and so forth.

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