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Comment Re:I'm surprised they missed "Wi-Fi Sense." (Score 1) 485

> Oh, and most of this shit (especially the wholesale user monitoring) isn't enabled on the corporate boxes. Businesses, after all, have a right to privacy. Because they are more human than human, now?

That would be because businesses pay for the corporate version. Your privacy is the price for this "free operating system".

Comment Re:Blocking AdBlock (Score 3, Insightful) 286

> This is further compounded by some websites sticking up a dialog box telling me to register or "Like" them on Facebook if I want to continue browsing their content.

No loss there. It's a safe bet that it's not content of any quality if users have to be coerced into announcing that they "like" it before they see it.

Comment Re:Rule #1, don't taunt happy fun hackers (Score 1) 58

It sounds like your approach to security is to risk manage it, like the car companies in Fight Club. Doing "some security stuff" and then keeping quiet and crossing your fingers hoping that nobody takes an interest does not inspire confidence. If a recreational hacker can defeat your security on a whim just to show off, you don't stand a chance against actual criminals who will quietly break your security and then proceed to exploit you for everything they can and for as long as they can.

> Maybe you are secure in your components or your not, but don't go looking for people to try and break you.

Actually that's exactly what you do. Look up "bug bounty".

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