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Comment: Re:Any criticism? (Score 3, Insightful) 125

by Kardos (#48525721) Attached to: Consumer-Grade SSDs Survive Two Petabytes of Writes

The only weakness is that it needs to be repeated on newer ssds as they hit the market. The results of this test are relevant for drives released back when the experiment started in 2013, less so for drives released now and even less so for future drives. As the manufacturers realise that the drives are lasting much longer than they are specified to, they'll decide they are overengineered and rework them to wear out quicker. Aside from the obvious cost cutting benefit, it also keeps the market segmented in various grades between "low end consumer ssds" and "high end enterprise ssds".

Comment: Re:In my experience - (Score 2) 488

by Kardos (#48503909) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Non-Coders, Why Aren't You Contributing To Open Source?

> For bug tracking and reporting issues my experience has been either I get no response or I don't have the capabilities to supply the developer with the information they need to track the bug down.

You don't need to find the bug.... you just need to make it reproducible. A reproducible bug report is essentially as good as finding the bug itself; once the dev can follow your steps to reproduce it, he'll find it in short order. If you're getting no response, it's either a dead project, or your report is not specific enough. There's no upper limit on the time investment needed to solve a "it crashed when I was using it", but "it crashed when I open this file" is readily fixed.

Comment: Re:Alternatively... (Score 1) 102

by Kardos (#47622903) Attached to: Massive Russian Hack Has Researchers Scratching Their Heads

That would be because any (competent) backdoor will be encrypted and cryptographically signed with key(s) known only to the TLA. Consider a router -- it passes all packets normally unless it finds one that is properly signed, then it extracts and executes the payload, fully opening up the device to the whims of the TLA. In lieu of someone leaking or determining the key, it would be extremely hard to identify such a backdoor.

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