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Comment: Re:Robots (Score 3, Interesting) 606

by Kamamura (#45714981) Attached to: Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak

Just let them do it. Once they add up the cost for maintenance, operation errors (because no software is perfect), replacement parts and robot life expectancy (because all machines break down eventually), they will find out that paying their workers properly might be much cheaper.

Comment: Users are obsolete (Score 1) 572

by Kamamura (#44059053) Attached to: Why Your Sysadmin Hates You

Users are obsolete.
Users are obsolete.
Users are obsolete.


What are users?

Who is obsolete?

How would you best describe the relation between users and being obsolete?
The latter being the core characteristics of the former.

Users, obsolete are.

Obsoleteness. Why dost thou plague the users so?

Comment: Drilling sergeant (Score 1) 107

by Kamamura (#41146719) Attached to: New Face Paint Protects Soldiers Against Bomb Blasts

"Now listen you maggots! Shoot 'em, blow 'em, kill 'em anyway you like, but remember this. The blue ones are bulletproof, so use knives or grenades. But not on the green ones, those are resistant to all forms of explosives... and poison, I think. The black ones cannot be drowned and the purple ones can safely ignore radiation, so nukes are useless. War has become more complicated, I guess."

Comment: What a lovely idea! (Score 1) 118

by Kamamura (#41125305) Attached to: Would You Open Your Home To a Hacker – For Free?

People have a lot of space they scarcely/ever use. But why just hackers? When we start doing good, let's extend it to other professions. In no time, you will have two attorneys in the attic, a group of gangsters in the garage, a Romanian refugee in the refrigerator, an established loan-shark in the lounge, few pick-pockets in the patio, a visionary in the vestibule, and maybe even a killer in the kitchen.

But what if those people start interacting with each other?

Matter cannot be created or destroyed, nor can it be returned without a receipt.