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Comment: Re:Just be honest - it's not for *US* (Score 1) 2219 2219

by Kalten (#46186307) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

And please, post any responses IN BAND. That is, on the front page. NOT on the Slashdot beta blog. For the type of communication you need to have with Slashdot users if you want the beta to be a success, that communication needs to be in a place where it's right in front of us, rather than being hidden behind a link.

Comment: Re:Y'know (Score 2) 76 76

by Kalten (#42268797) Attached to: Google's Second Brain: How the Knowledge Graph Changes Search
That would be why I have the "Google Searches Exactly What You Type" and "gooverbatim" Greasemonkey scripts. They mitigate a lot of the general crappiness of Google search these days. (I started using them after I tried searching for a way to convert from a WPF Visual to a Windows Metafile, and Google kept insisting that I must mean to be searching for 'wmf' and 'metafile' instead of 'wpf' and 'metafile'.)

Comment: Re:The cheap one is worthless (Score 1) 244 244

The only "secure" screw head is one that is custom made for you.

What makes you think that? I work for a company that could not only make the screws for you, but also the bits to remove them for someone else.

(Okay, it'd be a heck of a lot more expensive than some of the other solutions, but...)

Comment: Re:They're ALL Betas (Score 1) 237 237

by Kalten (#37150182) Attached to: Firefox 7.0 Beta Released

How much do you want to bet that sometime in the very near future, under Tools | Options (yes, I still use the menus, f*** off), under Advanced, the Update tab will vanish, and all meaningful ability to control Firefox updates will vanish?

If Firefox had had some actual innovative ideas recently, I wouldn't (necessarily) have a problem, but they seem to have been copying Opera and especially Chrome, without actually thinking about WHY Opera and Chrome did what they did. Cargo cult, anyone?

Comment: Obama has a point, but methinks he lacks finesse (Score 2, Insightful) 545 545

The speech writer was a bit off their game that day from the sounds of it. There are way to many writers currently confusing message with medium, and gadgets with tools. If the user is focussed or disciplined, it all becomes much more about what they are trying to do. So no, Obama, our brains are not rotting from too much ibox. Maybe if the Obama administration made some proactive legislation around data privacy, rights to anonymity, restrictions on advertising in public commons, rather than slinging mud around about simple living, just because the wifey gardens.

Comment: Re:Silly Brits (Score 1) 568 568

by tehcyder (#32153646) Attached to: UK Election Arcana, Explained By Software

So what you're saying is that this guy would get elected because he had an enormous majority of voter support... ... and the problem is?

The problem, fuckbrain, is that in a lot of constituencies a large number of voters are effectively disenfranchised, and that overall the two main parties end up with an unrealistically high percentage of seats compared with their overall share of the vote.

Also, if you are the MP for a constituency with a large labour or tory majority, you don't have to worry about being a good MP, and the notion of local accountability becomes laughable.

Comment: Re:I can't wait (Score 1) 273 273

by psiclops (#32153550) Attached to: Mpeg 7 To Include Per-Frame Content Identification
because there's more people not being paid to circumvent protection than there is people being paid to protect. or because every possible method of protection has a possible method of circumvention, and there is no ultimate method of protection. same goes for war, build the best armour you can, and someone will make a better bullet.

The universe is like a safe to which there is a combination -- but the combination is locked up in the safe. -- Peter DeVries