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+ - Asus EcoBook -- Bamboo laptop

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An anonymous reader writes: has a photo story of a bamboo laptop created by Asus. The Asus Ecobook looks a lot like a MacBook Pro, but is made of real bamboo. The wood above each of its ports is engraved, the keys on the keyboard are designed to mimic the look of bamboo joints, and best of all it's biodegradeable.

+ - ATI R600: The rumours so far

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janp writes: "The launch of ATI's R600 (or Radeon X2900) graphics card has been postponed once again. Hardware.Info has compiled all the rumours so far, tried to verify most of them and combined them in one article. It includes some screenshots from AMD/ATI's secret documentation for partners, proving the power consumption to be 280 Watt per card!"

+ - Email Security (gmail, yahoo etc...)

Submitted by utefan001
utefan001 writes: Many of us have email accounts that contain some level of sensitive data. A simple security measure that gmail could provide (but doesn't) is a log file of the date and time of the previous successful logins. Why doesn't any of the big online email providers have something like this? Some type of two-factor login would be good, but RSA type solutions still can fail using man in the middle attacks. gelabs-phishing-emails-outnumber-virus-trojan-emai l-attacks
The Internet

+ - Shock therpay used to cure internet addiction

Submitted by andy1307
andy1307 writes: According to this article in the Washington Post, Chinese teenagers deemed addicted to the internet are being treated in military run installation. Led by Tao Ran, a military researcher who built his career by treating heroin addicts, the clinic uses a tough-love approach that includes counseling, military discipline, drugs, hypnosis and mild electric shocks. The state run media blames internet addiction for for a murder over virtual property earned in an online game, for a string of suicides and for the failure of youths in their studies. Located on an army training base, the Internet-addiction clinic is distinct from the other buildings on campus because of the metal grates and padlocks on every door and the bars on every window.From the article "On the first level are 10 locked treatment rooms geared toward treating teen patients suffering from disturbed sleep, lack of motivation, aggression, depression and other problems. Unlike the rest of the building, which is painted in blues and grays and kept cold to keep the teens alert, these rooms are sunny and warm."
The Media

+ - Games as scapegoat

Submitted by Megnatron
Megnatron writes: Penny Arcade has a letter from the stepmother of one of the kids who was recently charged with killing a homeless guy, defending the parents, and, in a refreshing twist, the games industry.

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