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Comment Re:Not enough (Score 4, Interesting) 948

4 Weeks is standard in Australia, 6 If you are in certain government jobs. Other government departments offer the ability to take a small weekly pay cut and give you 6weeks off, while other departments let you take the 4weeks off as 8weeks at half pay. When I was offered a transfer to the US branch of a company I was previously working for it was going to be part of my contract that I was not allowed to discuss my holidays.

Comment Not just red-light cameras (Score 1) 433

Red light camera's have been around a while in Australia, but the only problem now is that they have turned them into speed camera's too. The combination of shorter yellows, and having to decide sometimes between risking getting flashed for speeding through the intersection on a ridiculously short yellow, or hitting the brakes and having to hope that the person behind you is paying attention and not trying to 'make it' can be a very difficult decision.

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