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Comment: Re:Put him away... (Score 1) 1079

by Kaeles (#30410494) Attached to: Sci-Fi Author Peter Watts Beaten, Charged During Border Crossing
I take it you've never lived in a city?
Where I used to work got robbed on a semi-regular basis, I've been shot at before and threatened with knives, bats, guns etc.
Yet, I have absolutely no sympathy for police officers who are overly aggressive. Yes, sometimes they do need to be that way in order to take down a perp before he causes any harm, BUT this kind of situation is more rare than you can imagine. At the same time, I've been arrested, and not told anything until after I was stripped naked and given prison clothes. Also, sitting in a cell for 4 days straight without getting out for a shower or anything is pretty shitty.

Now, the point is this, the police are people, but they are NOT citizens when they put on that badge. They are servants of the public. They are no longer allowed to expect the rights of the rest of us to apply to them. They are nonetheless given more rights in some ways than the rest of us.

This puts them in a special position of needing to be watched more than the general public due to the powers they possess.

Comment: Re:About 2 Kilos (Score 4, Insightful) 495

by Kaeles (#28630027) Attached to: How Heavy Is a Petabyte?

I'm no expert in this field but I think the link that you provided had underestimated the human brain by many orders of magnitude. The human brain is not a hard drive. I don't think there is even any counterpart to it in current computer technology (maybe quantum computing?), whatever that is, so the comparison is meaningless. The brain doesn't just "store" information like a hard drive. It analyses, modifies, categorises, correlates, extrapolates, fills in missing blanks, filters and blanks out others and many other things that we are just beginning to discover. For example, a human child will quickly grasp the concept of doors and doorknobs, without any "programming" (I've had toddlers so believe me on this). This is why I think A.I. enthusiasts will ultimately fail.

People like you drive me nutters. The human brain has billions of years of evolutionary programming built into the seperate layers of the brain, there are so many built in functions that we don't even realize it in normal everyday activities. For example, your brain is "hardwired" from birth to recognize human faces, and to emit "happy juice" when the faces are familar or matched with motherly smells. Just because its not programmed after birth, does not mean that the hardware itself is not built for the task. This is no different from creating a custom asic or fpga for doing GA's or ANN's.

Comment: Re:Only honest discussions are useful. (Score 2, Informative) 398

by Kaeles (#28578855) Attached to: Hawking Says Humans Have Entered a New Stage of Evolution
He said nothing of the sort, he said knowing math and science does not make you more intelligent, it makes you more knowledgeable, theres quite a bit of difference there.
The IQ test does not, NOT, measure pure intelligence, it assumes that you have working knowledge of language and math.
So, in short, intelligence has nothing to do with specific types of knowledge, it has to do with how well you can reason and think and observe.

Comment: Re:Simple (Score 1) 161

by Kaeles (#27528059) Attached to: FCC Seeks To Improve US Broadband Access
I'm pretty sure the WISP I work for still uses 802.11a,b,g and even 900mhz equipment for people who can't get LOS to our AP's.

Sure, we only offer a 1mbit speed, but thats pretty sweet compared to the maximum 24.4 dialup they are used to.

We can cover something around eight thousand square miles (if my math is right, ~25 towers at ~10 miles radius for CPE's to connect well).

So, yea, if you wanna push it, you can even do bigger links with higher DB antennaes for the CPE's and AP's. We've a few links from AP to CPE that approach 20 miles.

So if you could do 20 miles thats approximately 20*20*3.14 = ~1200 sq miles PER tower/AP.

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