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+ - You Can Navigate Between Any Two Websites In 19 Clicks or Fewer->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A study done by a Hungarian physicist found that of the billions of websites and over a trillion objects on the web, any given two are separated by no more than 19 clicks. 'Distributed across the entire web, though, are a minority of pages—search engines, indexes and aggregators—that are very highly connected and can be used to move from area of the web to another. These nodes serve as the "Kevin Bacons" of the web, allowing users to navigate from most areas to most others in less than 19 clicks. Barabási credits this “small world” of the web to human nature—the fact that we tend to group into communities, whether in real life or the virtual world. The pages of the web aren’t linked randomly, he says: They’re organized in an interconnected hierarchy of organizational themes, including region, country and subject area. Interestingly, this means that no matter how large the web grows, the same interconnectedness will rule.'"
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Comment: Re:Just pass the course and move on (Score 0) 337

by KaInDaWg (#41446213) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Ask College To Change Intro To Computing?

I disagree, I work for the DoD as an Information Assurance Officer. The 8570 requires that all network administrators will have at least a Security+ and all System Admins will have at least an A+ or Net+. You need to have the baseline certs to be considered for any IT related position in the DoD. I have my CCNP/CCDP and CCNA Security certs now and they have helped greatly in both salary and opportunities in the DoD. Now I just need to finish my CISSP....


Yellowstone Supervolcano Larger Than First Thought 451

Posted by timothy
from the even-superer dept.
drewtheman writes "New studies of the plumbing that feeds the Yellowstone supervolcano in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park shows the plume and the magma chamber under the volcano are larger than first thought and contradicts claims that only shallow hot rock exists. University of Utah research professor of geophysics Robert Smith led four separate studies that verify a plume of hot and molten rock at least 410 miles deep that rises at an angle from the northwest."

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