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Comment: I don't get it... (Score 1, Interesting) 157

by KC7GR (#28868411) Attached to: Stopping Spam Before It Hits the Mail Server

Why do we need a crazily complex scheme like this when a simple entry in your router's 'Deny' list (for the source IP of the spam) has the same end effect?

Given the spew pouring out of the IP space of China, LACNIC, and Russia, blocking in such a manner appears to be near-lossless compression.

Comment: Aha! So that's why... (Score 1) 347

by KC7GR (#28799629) Attached to: People Emit Visible Light

FTA: "...In fact, virtually all living creatures emit very weak light, which is thought to be a byproduct of biochemical reactions involving free radicals."

This explains why the city of Berkeley (California) shows up so bright on satellite photos taken at night. Way too many free radicals.

(and I should know... I grew up there!)

Comment: Vetusware may be of help (Score 1) 533

by KC7GR (#28650775) Attached to: Getting a Classic PC Working After 25 Years?

Check the site -- It's a site dedicated to archiving "abandonware," software from companies which either no longer exist or have long since discontinued a given product.

There's another site at -- they may be of help as well, even if they don't have what you need listed. Drop 'em a note if they don't.

Happy resurrecting.

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+ - Western Digital Assumes Customers Are Criminals->

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KC7GR writes: "So how would you like to get a nice, network-attached 1TB of storage, billed as "the way" to share your photos, videos and music over your home network — and then discover that you can't use it that way because the manufacturer apparently thinks you can't be trusted? Western Digital, after releasing their new MyBook World Edition storage device and advertising it as "Anywhere, Anytime Access, Share Photos and Files," has thoughtfully pre-crippled the thing so that it will not store or share a long list of file types including AAC, MP3, AVI, and others.

I've seen companies shoot themselves in the foot before, but it seems to me that Western Digital has truly outdone themselves by designing a product to share files, and then disabling its ability to do so. This one truly deserves to (a); go down in flames, or (b); get cracked six ways from Sunday so that it doesn't care what gets stored or shared."

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