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Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 1) 239

I apologize for being harsh. It is just the core thing about this that bothers me is that neither side seems to care much about freedom of speech or expression. One side comes across as they want to ban sexy time games and the other side comes across as wanting to ban content that doesn't appeal to them. Personally I have found enjoyment from games catering to either audience or both.

Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 1) 239

Why? While we're at banning genres or things you don't like are there any books, plays, movies, or other speech you don't want people to make anymore? Just because something doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean that it shouldn't be made. I don't get that argument. From either side. Sexy time games and walking simulators both have equal right to exist and the world is better for the diversity.

Comment Re:Not at all (Score 2) 151

I'll just leave this here:

Felines accompanying their human companions have gone on to prey on the local wildlife, and they have been blamed for the global extinction of 33 species.

Cats don't just replace the local predators. They are better at killing than most other small predators. And they are also sadistic bastards who will torture prey before they kill them. They may not bring down moose, but everything smaller than them is just a toy to be killed.

I have two cats. The male is definitely a murderer. Nothing smaller than him can come into the apartment without being killed. And as I bought him to be a mouse catcher, I'm pretty much OK with this. But I wouldn't let him outside.

Comment Re:Argumentum ad lapidem (Score 1) 311

I would say it depends on context. If you're whining over your paycheck that's one thing and can be considered subjective. If you're a politician who is using that as part of your platform, that is something else. It's no longer subjective and turns into an argument because you are using it as a basis of an argument (You should vote for me rather than the other guy.). Though even in the whining example I think could be considered an argument and I wouldn't feel bad in the least asking you why you think that way?

Comment Re: Documents that made him look like an stupid je (Score 1) 365

Could you list some policies of his that you support? Some ideals he professes that you like or is it really just "He isn't a politician"? If your only reason for supporting him is because he isn't them, that is not thinking. That is not putting in more thought to the decision and making an informed decision. I haven't heard any policies that he's supported that don't sound super villainy, illogical, or an abandonment of values America was founded on. I may be just misinformed, but I hope you have better reason for supporting him than "He isn't a politician"

I think Slashdot rails against him now not because he's a shitty politician but because he is a shitty person.

Comment Re:It depends. (Score 1) 180

A predator drone can be equipped with no lethal ordinance. In that case the predator would be legal for police use according to this law. But you still wouldn't take it out with a super soaker. How something is equipped is not the sole determining factor of how large the device is or how high it can fly.

Comment Re:The Wire (Score 1) 213

I was once pulled over for having an expired driver's license for a state that I was not a resident of. I wasn't speeding. I didn't have a broken taillight. They had no other reason to pull me over and were mighty confused when I showed I had a license for the state that I was a resident of. I've also had a cop car completely circle my car and then drive on. It's really nerve wracking when that happens because you suddenly think you broke a law even when you know you didn't. If you give cops full surveillance with no limit. They will look for and find a crime even if you believe you are completely innocent because they are massively incentivized to screw you over. They have no incentive however to protect you. Investigating a crime is a pain.

Comment Re:Will Ad Blockers Kill the Digital Media Industr (Score 2) 519

Are you willing to pay more for the books you get in a bookstore than the identical product you can get online? Brick and mortar stores have already found that in general the answer to that question is no. Brick and mortar stores have lots of expenses that online does not. Brick and mortar for one, sales employees for another. And the situation you're describing is having knowledge experts (read people who get paid more) working as the sales people. This works in some markets; I'm willing to pay more for wine if bought from someone who knows about what they are talking about. But typically doesn't work for the vast majority of people.

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