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I actually lived in a new apartment building for a while. I moved in on the first day it was available to move in. They actually wired the apartments specifically for internet. Fiber to each apartment, nice switch panel that allowed a router in one room to provide internet to the entire apt etc. It was pretty nice. I moved... mostly because it was in New Jersey and living in Manhattan is so much cooler.

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by JustSomeProgrammer (#40103867) Attached to: New Music Boss, Worse Than Old Music Boss
Just to throw a couple contrary examples out there

I heard on a radio interview with someone from Blink-182 that they originally thought "Adam's Song" was a bad song and were surprised it ended up being a #2 on the US Modern Rock Charts. In an environment were you only get to release "hits" it probably wouldn't have been released.

I personally like every song on "Let it Ride" by Mighty Mighty Bosstones, my favorite song on that disk is also not even one that got a video or I have ever heard played in another other place.

Not every non-hit song is crap. And variety is good. Even if you don't love every song on a disk by an artist you like, you probably do like one or two that never would have made it onto the radio. I'm kindof sad the venue to try out songs you aren't as comfortable with is sortof going away. I feel like I'm going to miss out on alot of music I might have enjoyed.

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I can't tell if you're arguing against or in favor of his point. Your tone is against, but if the only music you have available is locally produced you would have a vastly LESS diverse pool of music to listen to. Where you are and what you experience has a lot of relevance to the whatever you produce. If everyone produced only locally and locally is all that is available then all of it will be similar.

In another example... northern climes don't produce pineapples very well. And I love me some pineapple. Southern drawl in music is pretty exclusively grown in the south... but has an awesome sound to it that I as someone living in the north can really appreciate. I'd be kindof sad to miss out on it.

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