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Comment Re:It depends. (Score 1) 180

A predator drone can be equipped with no lethal ordinance. In that case the predator would be legal for police use according to this law. But you still wouldn't take it out with a super soaker. How something is equipped is not the sole determining factor of how large the device is or how high it can fly.

Comment Re:The Wire (Score 1) 213

I was once pulled over for having an expired driver's license for a state that I was not a resident of. I wasn't speeding. I didn't have a broken taillight. They had no other reason to pull me over and were mighty confused when I showed I had a license for the state that I was a resident of. I've also had a cop car completely circle my car and then drive on. It's really nerve wracking when that happens because you suddenly think you broke a law even when you know you didn't. If you give cops full surveillance with no limit. They will look for and find a crime even if you believe you are completely innocent because they are massively incentivized to screw you over. They have no incentive however to protect you. Investigating a crime is a pain.

Comment Re:Will Ad Blockers Kill the Digital Media Industr (Score 2) 519

Are you willing to pay more for the books you get in a bookstore than the identical product you can get online? Brick and mortar stores have already found that in general the answer to that question is no. Brick and mortar stores have lots of expenses that online does not. Brick and mortar for one, sales employees for another. And the situation you're describing is having knowledge experts (read people who get paid more) working as the sales people. This works in some markets; I'm willing to pay more for wine if bought from someone who knows about what they are talking about. But typically doesn't work for the vast majority of people.

Comment Public Speaking is Hard (Score 4, Insightful) 77

Science is hard too. I would argue that most scientists don't have both skills. Some do, like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, but I don't believe most do. I know on my development team there's about two of six people who can clearly communicate their ideas to the outside world. And one of those I wouldn't trust to tell someone who didn't have some knowledge of code.

Comment Re:Infinity (Score 1) 1067

Was fire involved in the splitting? I'm just not sure how you divided up money and had no money at the end. I mean maybe you miscounted and divided $5 to 6 people by giving each person a dollar and then there was no money left for you... but that's a math error not 5/0. You cannot divide something into pieces and have 0 left. You can always recollect the pieces and get back to the original $5. If the division resulted in nothing left then you used fire to destroy the $5. Which is X-X not X/0.

Comment Re:heh (Score 1) 249

Those are some interesting points. I'm almost sold to your point of view but the allocation of labor you bring up I think is not as malleable as you make it sound. It's not that easy to turn a random hairstylist into a programmer for example. Maybe turning her into a cook might work... they are both considered low skill jobs, but if the local economy isn't supporting either of those positions, how do we mass retrain the work force? If we can't do the retraining then that person is going to be checking the unemployed box.

Comment Re:Pay Settlments from Police Pension Funds (Score 1) 201

That would make perfect sense if domestic abuse wasn't something where people are usually being restricted the ability to leave by their spouse or domestic partner. And that the person who did the abuse would realize he or she was wrong and wouldn't try to track down the individual and physically force or harass them to come back home with them by staking out these well known safe houses. Sometimes the person on the receiving end of domestic abuse often needs protection in order to escape the situation. And it is escape. I guess they could try to call Batman to rescue them.

Comment Re:QoS is hard but necessary (Score 1) 133

This thread is one of the best anti-net neutrality arguments I've seen. It's not enough to convince me since I don't believe the monopolies will ever be broken up or that they won't abuse their power, but at least it sounds rational and thought out and not "OMG Regulation is bad!" However, it does make it sound like a perfect world solution would not include net neutrality which is not what I used to think.

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