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United Kingdom

Dogs Can Be Pessimistic 99

Posted by samzenpus
from the dog-in-black dept.
Not that it will change anything, but researchers at Bristol University say that your dog might be a gloom-monger. In addition to the downer dogs, the study also found a few that seemed happy no matter how uncaring the world around them was. "We know that people's emotional states affect their judgments and that happy people are more likely to judge an ambiguous situation positively. What our study has shown is that this applies similarly to dogs," said professor Mike Mendl, an author of the study and head of animal welfare and behavior at Bristol University.

Comment: Re:My entire family are Mac users.... (Score 0) 168

by Jumper99 (#28850001) Attached to: Verizon FiOS/DSL Customers Get Free Wi-Fi Across US

why should I pay the same for my internet service WITHOUT free WiFi as those who get free WiFi just because they run Windows?

So let me see if I follow your logic. Verizon offers something for FREE. No charge. Gratis. Since you can't take advantage of it, you expect a discount? So if you went to a bar offering free beer, would you ask for a discount on your beer since your kid isn't old enough to legally drink his free beer? Why would you expect a discount on free?

You can damn well bet I'll be calling every day and sending letters every day until I get a discounted rate for now being "allowed" to use all advertised features for some bunk reason.

So you again expect to get a discount for not being able to use an "advertised" feature, when the advertisement itself tells you the system requirments for use. So if I buy a game that says I need a high end graphics card and monitor to see the highest resolution, but I don't have one and don't want to pay for one, do I get a discount on the game?

Yes, it sucks it's only for Windows (for now I'd imagine) but it's not like they are hiding the fact. It's also not like you are losing money on the deal. It's FREE. I swear it's like the folks who pay no taxes bitching they didn't get a refund.

The beer-cooled computer does not harm the ozone layer. -- John M. Ford, a.k.a. Dr. Mike