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Comment: Re:Ethically unpalatable (Score 1) 376

by JudgeSlash (#35065982) Attached to: Scientists Work To Grow Meat In a Lab

If you're concerned about taste and health then which version of meat do you think would be more likely to be controlled for flavour and health giving properties: the uncontrolled environment of an animal wandering about in a field or the controlled environment of a vat?

I don't see how this has anything to do with PETA actually.

Also I am certainly not religious, and even take offence at the thought, but yet again I fail to see how that has anything to do with your ability to choose where your cut of animal flesh originates from.

Comment: Re:Reasons to vote against (Score 1) 376

by JudgeSlash (#35065884) Attached to: Scientists Work To Grow Meat In a Lab

If there is no reason for human cultivation of said animals, there will be no need to keep a population of any size and the same animals will join the panda on the endangered list....

I would hazard a guess that most animals on the endangered list aren't there because of human over-consumption but rather habitat destruction due to increased human population. So I imagine that whilst this tech allows us to continue feeding ourselves with presumably less resources, this will confound the habitat destruction due to human overpopulation. Oh well... there's always soylent green.

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