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Comment Re:Finally, someone gets it. (Score -1, Troll) 236

So information isn't property? How about your social security number? Can I steal your social security number as long as I don't steal the actual card? Are you fucking serious? Spoken like a true pirate. People like you are what give companies excuses to try and control our software and the internet.

Comment Re:Finally, someone gets it. (Score 1) 236

Summons are sent by registered mail and you have to sign for them and you have 5 days to respond in writting (Court of Queens Bench) if you don't respond they automatically rule against you. But you have to sign for the package. Some jurisdictions (USA for example) buddy walks up are you so and so? If you say yes he hands you a package and says "You have been served". They can't sue you if they can't find you.

Comment Re:Finally, someone gets it. (Score 0) 236

I've been in court over a dozen times in my life and spent several thousand dollars on lawyers. The last time 5 years ago my accusers were unwilling to to enter the court house after a 5 minute conversation with my lawyer but they postured right till the end. Sometimes $4000 on a lawyer makes you feel better that settling for the $2000 they wanted. And they leave feeling like bitches with their heads down. Mind you I did grow up and now I never pirate anything for moral reasons (my religion does not condone theft) plus I can't handle the stress anymore but it was kinda worth it. Btw software licences are cheaper and I only use OSS now.

Comment Re:Finally, someone gets it. (Score 1) 236

If your falsely accused don't give in. A "Fuck you" written under a lawyers letterhead can do wonders and isn't quite as expensive as court or the blackmail. Giving into blackmail only encourages it and the blackmailer will say "Damn that's easy." and come back for more.
If you will give them $1,000 and they demand another $1,000 will you say no?

Comment why does it say when I (Score 0, Troll) 533

refresh does the same thing when I refresh sites that stream illegal copyrighted content now why is that slashdot is associated with sites that contain illegal material? This site is just a datamine for the dod isn't it? Cmdrtaco is a commy. Just like our current president.

Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 430

Well I just built a box (2.8 ghz Athalon 2 with a cheap Gigabyte MB and a HDD out of a PS3 and a gig of ram) found an unused copy (as in legitimate in the box never used before) of XP pro. Hasn't crashed once in three weeks. Lots of people blame windows for their crappy hardware. Unstable hardware will crash Linux just as easily. And KDE isn't exactly stable for more than 5 minutes on stable hardware. I think that might be why Xfce and Enlightenment are gaining more popularity..

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