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Comment: Wow (Score 0) 77

by Joseph1337 (#43625827) Attached to: Epic and Mozilla Bring HTML5 OpenGL Demo To the Browser
If this really takes off (it's now only in it's early stages and still is only 2x slower than C/C++!) then we could really see the YOTLD for real (+Steam gaining more GNU/Linux games). Also now with Android more devs are ditching DirectX and Windows specific engines. The C/C++ -> JScript seems like a quite amazing hack, hope it isn't as riddled with potential exploitation's as i fear. Great work Mozilla!

Comment: Bad idea (Score 0) 168

by Joseph1337 (#42743115) Attached to: Microsoft Wants Computer Science Taught In UK Primary Schools
I think they don't know that 90% of times people that aren't interested in programming/IT on their own (especially in this computer-centered age) will make lousy coders/testers/etc. Just look at people who went into IT for the money, read their code or ask them how a computer works (even if this was explained to them in University i doubt they know)

Computer Science is the only discipline in which we view adding a new wing to a building as being maintenance -- Jim Horning