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Comment Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 674

PCSO's are usually people who wouldn't pass the police entrance exams so they sign up as PCSO to get to walk around in a uniform and push people around despite having no more actual authority than a private citizen. They usually have egos the size of Jupiter and get really butthurt if you point this out to them. Real police detest them as they make everyone in a police uniform look bad.

Comment Re:The 90s all over again... (Score 2) 105

Does nobody remember the Clipper Chip debacle? -

Funnily enough the sort of person that would be happy to hand law enforcement the spare keys to their house is not the sort of person that law enforcement's interested in investigating... Seems that memories are short in the NSA

Comment Re:This is not good... (Score 4, Informative) 256

Eat all the healthy foods you like, it won't do jack for cancers caused by other factors like smoking, drinking, overtanning, etc... And this is just the kind of ignorance that this nasty piece of excrement posing as a human being expolited when peddling her snake oil.
Personally I hope that she gets tied up in lawsuits based off this for the rest of her miserable life.

Comment Re:Just (Score 1) 208

Plus, the banks involved won't even lose out cos' the governments will declare them "Too big to fail" and bail them out from the endless pot of money that governments just pull out of their asses without any source. So it's totally a victimless crime, right? So we should all do this then everyone will have infinite money and live happy ever after...

Comment Re:Easy to solve - calibrate them to overestimate (Score 1) 398

Similarly in the UK there are laws saying that fixed camers require warning signs. But the mobile camera vans don't need one so can catch you anywhere. Funny thing is I've never seen them anywhere near any accident blackspots - they're always on stretches of dual carriageways where the speed limit drops for a couple of miles for no apparent reason...

Comment Re:Easy to solve - calibrate them to overestimate (Score 1) 398

But then again there are junctions in the UK where you can get trapped into either stopping in a box junction or running a red light - either of which gets you a fine.
In the case of the Chicago cameras though I'm sure they'll publicly spin it up as a success in that clearly the cameras have had their deterrent effect while privately cursing the fact that their money tree isn't patching the budget holes like they wanted.

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