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Comment: US Constitution is a formation of prohibitions. (Score 1) 371

by JonathanR (#47302267) Attached to: Court Releases DOJ Memo Justifying Drone Strike On US Citizen

I think you'll find that the US Constitution purports to _prohibit_ extrajudicial action regardless of the allegiance of the individual. The fourth amendment, even if construed to only cover "The People", when combined with the tenth amendment would imply that only state-actors or individuals are able to exercise extra-judicial power.

Comment: Re:Electric. (Score 1) 659

by JonathanR (#47005033) Attached to: Future of Cars: Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Or Electric?

The efficiencies typically quoted for internal combustion engines are _peak_ efficiencies, obtained at a specific engine speed and loading. Real world thermal efficiency, even excluding losses to braking, aerodynamics and powertrain friction is heavily dependent on how the vehicle is driven. Keeping engine speed low(ish) and working close to wide-open throttle is important for obtaining best efficiency. This is why the pulse-glide method works for "hyper-milers"

Diesels engines are less affected, since the power output is controlled by fuel input, rather than manifold vacuum. It's also the reason why they take a long time to reach operating temperature.

On a drive-cycle basis, the efficiency of an internal combustion engine is beyond woeful. That ICEs are so terrible in their current conventional application is the only reason EVs can be even close to competitive.

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