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Comment: Re:The dumbest thing (Score 3, Informative) 515

by Jonathan P. Bennett (#49328547) Attached to: A Bechdel Test For Programmers?
Then someone else will make it work. The test suggest that we should care about the gender of the coder more than the effectiveness of the code. That is sexism. How exactly did I call for a stop to learning? If someone really wants to examine their code for such a test, that's up to them. I'll stick with prioritizing code quality over gender, thanks.

Comment: The truth of the matter (Score 5, Insightful) 629

The original article doesn't give any details as to what this "exploit" is in android. Even if it is a real exploit, no new phones will be made with Android 4.3, and at this point, no manufacturer would push an update to an old device even if Google did fix it. As to Google throwing Microsoft under the bus, that is utter crap. Google privately disclosed a vulnerability to MS, and *TOLD THEM* they had 90 days. After 90 days, Google publicly released the vulnerability. This is standard stuff. Giving a deadline is the only way to keep vulnerabilities out of the NSA toolkit and force MS to actually fix it.

Comment: Linux for years (Score 4, Interesting) 1215

by Jonathan P. Bennett (#43948917) Attached to: What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?
I've run Linux since college. I dual booted Fedora Linux (it was Fedora core back then) and Windows xp on my Laptop. I was in the habit of reinstalling windows xp every 6 months. After one such install, I went to my C: drive to tweak something, and the files were hidden with the message that it was dangerous to change any files. I suddenly realized that message encapsulated everything I disliked about Windows. My computer was telling me I wasn't to be trusted with anything under the hood. I wiped out that windows install and have exclusively run Linux on my main machine ever since. Now I actually have control over my computer and what runs on it. It's also more usable than a Windows machine for IT and server administration. My two disappointments are that one: I am still running the proprietary video card drivers (though with the upcoming Fedora release, I'll probably run with the foss drivers), and two: Coreboot doesn't yet work with my mobo and processor combination.

Comment: mp3 vs wav (Score 2) 749

Yes, I can hear the difference. When working in a small sound recording studio, I trained my ears to pick up on fine details. There was one day in particular I remember listening to a track, and wondering what the strange noise in the background of it was. I realized that I was hearing the audio artifacts from the mp3 compression. Not sure how Mr. Young figures that a CD is only 15% of the master, though. A CD is pure uncompressed audio. If you recorded and mixed in 44.1k audio, then your cd is an exact copy of your master.

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