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Comment: Re:Monopoly? (Score 2, Informative) 74

by Johnny2225 (#29359665) Attached to: In the UK, T-Mobile and Orange To Merge
As MVNOs they have contacts with the operators, virgin with tmobile and tesco with O2 but any change in ownership would allow the respective MVNOs to get out of the contract and use a different network, so i doubt there would be much difference in price in the short time. Although the register mentions in the article this maybe a reason why they have decided to do a 50 : 50 merger so the change in ownership clause does not become an issue.

Comment: Re:Anyone have words about the browsing (Score 1) 283

by Johnny2225 (#28240887) Attached to: Palm Pre Is Out, Time For Discussion
Yep thats one problem with using OSX on a portable divice. Unlike other OSes that have been built from the ground up for mobile use, such as symbian and windows mobile, OSX seems to use to much memory or cannot perform multitasking efficiently. I have a nokia N95 8GB so spec wise it is similar to the iPhone, i run that sometimes with 5 different applications at one time and have never experiencedÂout of memory errors and rarely experienced slow downs. Even symbians precursor EPOC had full multitasking.

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