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Comment: look for a good chair and get ready (Score 1) 573 573

sit back

  • get yourself a good book about linux: mine was this, but it can also be this one
  • Keep away from any computer,
  • read it through. Enjoy!!!
  • Once you're done with it, go for debian, spend a few days installing
  • spend some weeks making all your hardware be seen
  • learn , learn, learn
  • you're done!!!

I honestly think this is the best way. I've seen many go for "ubuntu" but you don't pass a certain level in which you can do nothing outside ubuntu, and you can barely get by within it.


+ - A Comic about the crisis. New kind of journalism?->

JoeZ99 writes: Argentinian economic paper Ieco has released a comic-strip to explain greek credit crisis. This comic strip also have some input from Tyler Cowen
According to the comic writer, this is a start of a series of comics devoted to talk about the crisis and who knows? maybe a new kind of journalism...

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Comment: quick tips (Score 1) 175 175

I've been working from cuba for a spanish company for almost a decade now. we also have had people working on india and buenos aires.

    - phone is overrated, keep always in touch with im
    - use trac or similar ticketing software for all your projects
        - always reflect in your tickets discussions relative to how to solve a problem, never let the only reference to a task be in just an email or a chat log.
        - keep tickets simple and small.
        - somebody on the team has to spend time reading tickets and prioritizing them
    - use git or svn
    - tests


A Sad Day For the New Zealand Internet 221 221

An anonymous reader writes "Another one bites the dust, as New Zealand's Internet filter stealthily goes live with two smaller ISPs, and three of the largest already rumoured to have signed up to do the same. However, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is apparently 'committed to helping people to circumvent government internet filtering,' so perhaps the USA will launch an invasion to free the poor downtrodden Kiwis from their own evil government?" Clever of one of the acquiescing ISPs to have named itself "Watchdog."

Comment: here we go, Mr. Spam! (Score 1) 865 865

I know you weren't looking for an answer like this. but what can I say?. I pass most of my day sitting in front of a computer, I also have a tendency to be slightly overweighted .
I read about Montignac Diet, found the book, downloaded it, read it, got convinced by it, tried it, and now I'm a fanatic. (in the good sense). it worked. actually It's more a change of food habit than a diet "per se".
anyway, enough with the spam. good luck with whatever you decide.

Comment: lowering the expectations (Score 5, Interesting) 494 494

I've been living in cuba for the last 6 years. I've been using linux since the slackware 100 diskettes era (about 12 years ago).
  • cuba is absolutely windows friendly. everybody in everywhere uses windows. The goverment itself announced a few years ago it was going to migrate to linux. So far nothing yet.
  • cuba works around the embargo thing by means of massive pirate copies (I'm perfectly OK with that).
  • it's a usual thing to announce something with great fireworks that ends up in nothing, so I would have not so many expectations on this .

Comment: Re:amusing (Score 1) 1185 1185

All this buzz about creationism, faith and evolutionism is very hard to understand for me .
I'm spanish, I've hold to a very very strong or hard line or -whatever you want to call it- believing system (also known as "faith").
Neither me or anybody I would meet in my entire life , wherever is in spain or cuba or any other country (mostly european) I've been into had any kind of the slightlest "issue" about evolutionism versus creationism.
Everybody takes darwing ok, and we look at that "US controversy" as something funny and hard to understand
Besides that, I wonder if that "previous" change that was needed can somehow be needed to a "special event" on the environment.
United States

+ - The beginnings of a Permanent Democratic Majority->

An anonymous reader writes: Slashdotters will be happy to know that the years of fearing Republican censorship of games and media may soon be over. Forever. Recent demographic trends, and an unwillingness by Republicans to acknowledge minority news groups may soon create a permanent Democratic Majority. Maybe it wasn't such a well thought out plan to hate minority groups which were breeding faster than fat old white guys.
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