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Comment: Re:Fascist (Score -1) 289

There is no aspect of your life this president KNOWS he cannot control. There, fixed it for you. Obama is your Emperor-God and you should consider yourself lucky you have not been disappeared for daring to even thinking to criticize him. You should be on the streets right now, screaming your neverending fealty to Lord Obama the Magnificent and Merciful, pledging your loyalty, affirming your willingness to destroy his enemies and to give your life for his eternal glory. Or are you a republithug? Why aren't you now on a flight to Moscow, where you will assemble a suicide jacked and blow yourself up to kill the traitor Snowden, may his bones be ground to dust, while screaming "OBAMAHU AKBAR"?

Comment: Re: He got what he deserved. (Score 5, Funny) 317

Major Depression IS a person. I served under him for three years, starting when he was just a first lieutenant. Have some respect even if you're one of those clueless little shits who hate the military, because it's people like Major Depression who make it possible for you to kill yourself, you ungrateful dead.

Comment: Do it in a 21st century way! (Score -1) 1081

by JockTroll (#49260575) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century
Currently used methods of executions are passe. Lethal injection? It's like using poison and it's older than Socrates. Hanging? Old hat as well. Gassing them is nazi and beheading is too ISIS-like. The electric chair is a Thomas Edison art deco thing that is desperately out of fashion. As for the firing squad, it's way too romantic and should be reserved for cool people like spies and stuff like that. Since we're in the 21st century, let's devise new ways: bombard them with neutron for instance, or shoot them into orbit and have them burned up on re-entry. Or nuke them. What about it? Put them in an underground cell with a low-yield warhead. Or do it in batches: put a thousand condemned on a deserted island and then hit it with a MIRV. Airburst so there's little contamination and we can reuse the island. Be modern, dammit.

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