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Comment: Re:Simple (Score -1) 507

by JockTroll (#47460023) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Future-Proof Jobs?
Ah, typical mysoginist loserboy nerd. All budding elliot rodgers I see. Did you see yourself when you were reading his ramblings? Shunned, humiliated, unloved? A virgin all your life? You hate women because no woman in her right mind would ever fuck you. No one. You are condemned to a life of unfulfillment and loneliness. Are you planning your day of retribution, loserboy? Come on, I can feel your rage from here. You know, it's kinda fun. It's almost worth a snicker. Enraged now, loserboy? Flap your arms, weirdo, flam them like you used to do when you were hazed and bullied (rightfully so) in school while the pretty girls laughed at you. Do you remember how heartily we all laughed when you were left running the corridors bawling like a little kid in your soiled underwear. Ah, what a riot!

Comment: Re:Congrats EU (Score -1) 239

by JockTroll (#47372115) Attached to: Following EU Ruling, BBC Article Excluded From Google Searches
Yes, of course, the EUrocrats do not want people to know too much. The new president Juncker has stated, publicly, that people should not know too much and deals should be made in secret, and the Commission must move past and push its agenda past the point of no return before the populace can understand what's going on. Van Rompuy stated that the EU policies will be fully implemented even against public opinion. In the end, Hitler has won, but this should not be surprising: europeans are nazis, by nature.

Comment: Re:SciFi come to life (Score -1) 270

And how, exactly, are you going to prevail against Big Money? Just curious. Because one thing Science Fiction rarely address is how should those technological conquests be defended against people whose wealth mean absolute power. When it does, it usually involves powered armour, flamers and the occasional planet-busting weapon.

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by JockTroll (#47292207) Attached to: Age Discrimination In the Tech Industry
Most likely, if you're out of work at 30 after working 8 years in the tech industry, you've been replaced by a younger worker who's cheaper and more flexible. IT in particular has no need for talent, know-how and experience, you shovel fresh meat in at one end and shit comes out of the end. That's why computers are for chumps.

Comment: More evidence... (Score -1) 190

by JockTroll (#47196251) Attached to: Study: Male Facial Development Evolved To Take Punches
... That nerds are not human. Their faces are not evolved this way at all: when punched they either come apart like wet feces or deflate like balloons filled with offal. There are good reasons punches are not used on nerds anymore since a long time. Body blows, arms twisting and headbashings have been the preferred way to deal with the subhuman geeks for years now, although more creative - and definitive - ways are being developed.

Comment: Re:NET NEUTRALITY (Score -1) 142

by JockTroll (#47180779) Attached to: Cable Companies Use Astroturfing To Fight Net Neutrality
You are not anonymous, and never have been. Whenever one of you loserboys is caught, he rats on the others while crapping his pants and crying like the little sissy he is. Do you want change? Dump those stupid Guy Fawkes masks, put on an Obama mask and an explosive jacket and allahuakbarkaboom yourself in some corporation's offices. You will kill some office drones AND cause more social rift that will lead to instability and street violence. They cannot rule on the Net when everybody is out there putting each other's eyes out with screwdrivers, can't they? Stabbings, necklacings, curbstompings and roadside decapitations are exactly what you need. If you're not up to it, eat vaseline and die.

Comment: Re:Crowdsourcing (Score -1) 490

Plans for almost ALL guns are readily available. The firearms market is the closest to open source in real industry, just look at the number of 1911 and SIG Sauer clones around. You can't have many secrets in a device that is meant to be field-stripped for cleaning and that any good gunsmith can fix or modify with some tools. "Mods" like softening up triggers or mag-na-porting have been around forever. Ammo reloading is not some industrial secret. You may have some difficulties making a rifled barrel but it's not overwhelming. Need plans? Google "Metral SMG".

Comment: Re:Stupid Blame Game (Score -1) 1198

by JockTroll (#47116989) Attached to: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds
Rodger was a nerd, a geek, an aspie and therefore a specimen of a subhuman category that doesn't deserve to breathe the same air as we Beautiful People. The sooner society takes on this problem, the better: all nerds, geeks, aspies and assorted lowlifes must be rounded up and brought to concentration camps, preferably near unused abattoires. There they will be terminated by first captive-bolt strike to the forehead and then body crushing via industrial presses. The remains will be disposed of by incineration in a mechanically dug firepit 50 meters long by 30 meters wide by 10 meters deep.

Comment: Lock up the creeps (Score -1) 1198

by JockTroll (#47111789) Attached to: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds
If there's anything proven beyond all doubt by the Elliot Rodger case is that nerds are not only ugly, creepy, repulsive and subhuman but also a danger to all the Beautiful People. This is a cold fact, and it is high time for society to react and ban those lowlife animals from existing within it. Nerds have no place in civilized society, period: they're not cute, they're not "adorkable" (what a stupid portmanteau, asorable != dork) or anything. They're nothing like the media stereotype popularized by shows like "The Big Bang Theory" and played by good-looking and talented actors. The only somewhat realistic portrayal of nerds in media is Scott Weidemeyer from "Zero Charisma" and even that is watered down. Nerds are stupid, foul-looking, annoying and disturbing, they are forever possessed by an immotivated sense of self-entitlement, they're full of anger and envy for the things they can never have because they're fugly and not deserving to live. Round up all those pieces of shit, especially aspies both self-diagnosed and not, and put them into concentration camps for extermination.

With all the fancy scientists in the world, why can't they just once build a nuclear balm?