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+ - Peru Indignant After Greenpeace Damages Ancient Nazca Archaeological Site

Submitted by HughPickens.com
HughPickens.com (3830033) writes "The NYT reports that Peruvian authorities say Greenpeace activists have damaged the fragile, and restricted, landscape near the Nazca lines, ancient man-made designs etched in the Peruvian desert when they placed a large sign that promoted renewable energy near a set of lines that form the shape of a giant hummingbird. The sign was meant to draw the attention of world leaders, reporters and others who were in Lima, the Peruvian capital, for a United Nations summit meeting aimed at reaching an agreement to address climate change. Greenpeace issued a statement apologizing for the stunt at the archaeological site and its international executive director, Kumi Naidoo, flew to Lima to apologize for scarring one of Peru’s most treasured national symbols. “We are not ready to accept apologies from anybody,” says Luis Jaime Castillo, the vice minister for cultural heritage. “Let them apologize after they repair the damage.”

But repair may not be possible. The desert around the lines is made up of white sand capped by a darker rocky layer. By walking through the desert the interlopers disturbed the upper layer, exposing the lighter sand below. Visits to the site are closely supervised — ministers and presidents have to seek special permission and special footwear to tread on the fragile ground where the 1,500 year old lines are cut. “A bad step, a heavy step, what it does is that it marks the ground forever,” says Castillo. “There is no known technique to restore it the way it was.” Castillo says that the group walked in single file through the desert, meaning that they made a deep track in the ground then they spread out in the area where they laid the letters, making many more marks over a wide area. “The hummingbird was in a pristine area, untouched,”. Castillo added. “Perhaps it was the best figure.”"

Comment: Re: It's a scam (Score -1) 246

by JockTroll (#48360595) Attached to: The Strangeness of the Mars One Project
Calm down. I see from the quantity and increasing rage in your posts that you're approaching Elliot Rodger-point. I know how bitter you are. I understand that having your high-school crush swept away by a handsome, athletic and brilliant aerospace engineer must hurt. I'm less condoning of the stalking you did afterwards, and I really hoped that the restraining order would have hammered home that no, she doesn't want anything to do with you, she wasn't even a friend of yours, she never spoke to you and she never ackowledged your existence until you started really bothering her. The fact that you're now a registered sex offender doesn't help. Not even libraries let you in now since you went on a rage and ripped to pieces those SF books whose covers she drew (she's an amazingly talented artist, I wonder where she finds the time with three kids). So yes, I know why you go all purple-faced whenever "space" is mentioned. But it's high time you put some order in your life and by "order" I mean find something useful to do with the scarce means and no talent you're stuck with. I know, it's not much and with your record you won't even be able to go flip burgers. But, really, you should ask for help. Don't be a "perfect gentleman" and go on a failed spree. Don't be remembered for killing or wounding a couple of innocent bystanders while you vent your impotent rage. If you really have to do anything violent, do it to yourself and be done with it. You can still retain some honor and be remembered as the guy who offed himself out of depression, instead of the guy who tried to go on a rampage for having being caught jerking off in a woman's office. Consider your fate: unlike me and that aerospace engineer, you were never born to succeed so it's not entirely your fault.

Comment: Sorry bunch of loserboys... (Score -1) 268

by JockTroll (#48233533) Attached to: Jedi-ism Becomes a Serious Religion
Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side. Oh, too bad, it's the UK so no blasters allowed. Enjoy eating imperial poodoo, loserboys. Oh wait, the UK used to be the Empire. So not sorry to blow up your not-a-moon puppy battlestation, you limey fascistoid stormtrooper-loving scruffy-looking nerf humpers.

Comment: Re: 3d printing is legit (Score -1) 69

by JockTroll (#48008769) Attached to: How 3D Printers Went Mainstream After Decades In Obscurity
Are you mad? LEGO pieces are copyrighted, trademarked, patented and consecrated with the blood of albino babies. If you so much as think about reproducing them you will feel the wrath of the corporate jihadists who will behead the shit out of everyone and then shoot themselves in the head with flamethrowers.

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