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Comment: Interesting.... (Score 1) 164

by Jkasd (#30518898) Attached to: Music By Natural Selection
Although the loops sound repetitive and annoying, if you listen to some of the earlier loops, you can tell they've made a lot of progress. I'm hoping something resembling a human voice turns up but I don't think this is possible unless they increase the amount of complexity allowed. They already had to increase the allowed complexity once, I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes the primary limiting factor.

Comment: Re:Just a thought (Score 1) 149

by Jkasd (#30455734) Attached to: Dying Star Mimics Our Sun's Death
In a binary star system, the center of mass could be relatively empty if the stars are close to the same mass. But since gravity is what keeps the whole system together, the most massive object will tend to be in the center. If you somehow switched the sun and Jupiter, the sun would become the new center again, while everything else would chaotically fall back into new orbits around it.

Comment: Open Source (Score 2, Insightful) 315

by Jkasd (#30441608) Attached to: Microsoft Steals Code From Microblogging Startup
This is why open source will ultimately win. It's just too tempting to use someone else's code rather than writing your own code to do the same thing. The fact that a large software company like Microsoft has succumbed to this simply shows how widely adopted this mindset is becoming. Of course, Microsoft was still wrong to do this.

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