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Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 4, Insightful) 270

"Historically marginalized people are now getting their legitimate say in the process" translates to "they want to be paid a bribe, at which point the construction will stop being blasphemous". It's a shakedown.

We have no business as a society stopping building on the basis of blasphemy anyway.

Comment Re:That's how we teach every subject! (Score 1) 156

It is true that we do this for other subvjects, and it's genuinely useful as a first step. The problem is that the people promoting it don't understand this and don't treat it like it is.

Nobody says that teaching kids that gravity pulls things down means "kids know how to do physics", makes parents proud their kids are "learning physics", helps get more girls into physics, or increases America's competitiveness in the area of physics. We have some idea that learning that gravity pulls things down is only a small bit of physics and there's a big gap between it and actually being a physicist.

Comment Nested comment bug (Score 1) 1829

As I pointed out in the last thread, Slashdot has a bug where articles containing large numbers of nested comments don't display the later pages correctly. It's common to find articles where comment pages 1, 2, and 3 actually show the exact same comments. The bug is probably ten years or so old by now.

Comment Re:Do smartphones actually break? (Score 1) 220

I've owned four tablets. Admittedly cheap Chinese versions, not name brands. The first one really did spontaneously malfunction; the touchscreen started acting strangely, acting as though it was touched in the wrong places at the wrong times until at some point it failed completely. The second I had dropped and badly cracked the screen; my fault since I hadn't secured it in its case. It actually still ran but I wanted to replace it. (The third was not malfunctioning; I just wanted to upgrade to a high resolution screen.)

Comment Fix nested comments (Score 1) 1306

If you're taking suggestions for things to change, how about fixing this: If you view comments in nested mode, and the comments take up multiple pages, the successive pages don't work properly. On this article, the second page of comments repeats about 90% of the first page. Some cases even show the *exact same* content on the first and second pages; for instance, at a threshhold of 0 gives me identical content for the first five pages.

Comment Re:Media bias and misrepresentations (Score 1) 138

The implication is not that the majority are criminals. The implication is that enough are criminals that it's something to worry about, which isn't the same thing.

And even if that was the implication, that doesn't mean the press is being truthful. Reporting "the politician said X" when it's really "they said Y and I conclude that they mean X" is itself a lie. You're making the conclusion, but you're not presenting it as a conclusion. Just because you believe the conclusion doesn't mean it's not a lie to leave that part out.

Comment Re:Heists still happen, using different tools. (Score 1) 131

Those are indirect effects. We require automobile owners to buy insurance against hitting third parties, but we don't require automobile owners to buy insurance against the possibility that their car fails, and they can't get to work, and their employer has to pay the expense of hiring and training another person, and the employer needs to be reimbursed by the insurance for this.

Comment Re:Is that because... (Score 1) 500

Obama already suggested that the no-fly list be used to take away people's guns.

Of course, you could try to argue that this doesn't count, because the guns are being taken away for a legitimate reason. I will then proceed to laugh at you for suggesting that being on the no-fly list is a legitimate reason to take away someone's guns.

It's even extra-relevant here because, hey, no-fly list and TSA.

Comment Re:Heists still happen, using different tools. (Score 1) 131

I don't agree. Some libertarians might be okay with requiring insurance for storing gasoline because the hazards of storing gasoline can affect bystanders. The hazards of bad security at a bank only affect the bank's customers. The gasoline has externalities.

You seem to think that the two situations are similar because the people who are affected don't own the gasoline or the bank. But "affects someone aside from the owners" isn't what an externality means. You have to voluntarily choose to use the bank in order for robbing the bank to affect you directly. Exploding gasoline in someone's garage affects people who have not chosen to trade with the owner. (And we're not covering indirect effects, such as the effect of bank robberies on the economy, unless you want the gasoline owner to have to buy insurance so he can pay for the loss of reputation to the gasoline company when his garage full of gasoline explodes.)

Comment So what? (Score 4, Interesting) 112

This doesn't indicate that the FBI listened in on any private conversations, blacklisted anyone, tried to get anyone fired, spread lies about anyone, or otherwise did the bad things that people usually think of when they complain about the FBI. And they feared the Soviets and Chinese would infiltrate because, you know, EPCOT has national pavilions run by those countries and staffed by their citizens. And when they found out that pavilions were not allowed to be political, they then decided the Soviets were not a threat. They don't seem to have thought the Chinese were a threat for very long, either.

Basically, this whole thing is just a complaint about the FBI doing their job.

Comment Re:Interview "Grilling" or "Testing" is Poppycock (Score 2) 227

The main thing I look for is not experience (unless there is a time-sensitive need) but passion for the job.

As far as I am concerned, if you are doing this, you are part of the problem. Hiring people based on "passion" contributes to an environment where in order to make a living, you need to BSing skills just for the interview. It also ensures that people who have other priorities in life, perhaps a family or just anything that gives them a life outside the job, are screwed over in favor of the obsessive willing to work 10 hour days because they really have passion.

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