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Comment: Re:Of course... (Score 1) 190

by JimbleBimble (#20479577) Attached to: OOXML Vote and the CPI Corruption Index
Why is the use of Fisher's test on a 2x2 contingency table incorrect? Any why do you feel the two-tailed test would be more appropriate than the one-sided one? You presented no argument in either case.

Really, why your post was modded +5 insightful when it lacks any explanations at all is a mystery to me. Oh wait, hang on, this is Slashdot, where out-of-hand rejections to analyses are uncritically accepted (particularly knee-jerk reactions to the use of statistics), so long as they conform to everyone's preconceived ideas and opinions...

Machines certainly can solve problems, store information, correlate, and play games -- but not with pleasure. -- Leo Rosten