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Comment: I use common sense and a series of passwords. (Score 1) 445

by JimB (#46310065) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

I have 3 classes accounts. work accounts, important personal accounts, and junk accounts. I use an easy to remember 8 to 12 word phrase that describes the 'class' of account (Longer phrase where I deem more security is needed). I take one of the letters from each word in the phrase (all first letters, or 2nd, or 3rd, . . .), use "special character substitution" (like 3 for e, @ for a, etc.). This becomes the 'class password'. I then add a two character description for the specific account or computer I am using. I either wrap the 'class password' in these two leters, or stick them both at the front or end. I change the class passwords around every 6 months. Sometimes up to a year for "junk" acounts (FB, Twiter, et. al.) I have around 40 different accounts, in three 'classes', that I remember easily, and for long periods of time. Because I only have to remember very little. I never tell anyone any of my passwords, and never let them use my machines. And I don't obsess about the passwords. Physical access & "social engineering" are the easiest ways into a system, anyway.

Comment: Re:You mean that cell phone store? (Score 2) 413

by JimB (#36271800) Attached to: RadioShack Trying To Return To Its DIY Roots

In the '70s they were "IT" because Lafayette Radio went under and Radio Shack BOUGHT Allied Radio. The two stores that made the Shack LOOK like a Friggin Shack. The only thing RS was good for was the free batteries they used to have (Battery of the Month Club), AND they ALWAYS had GOOD Antennas! Now, however, they actually have decent parts, good cables, and still good antennas. Too bad DIY is Done & Gone. Nobody would have a clue what to do with "parts".

Comment: Re:Always an art & logical. (Score 1) 394

by JimB (#34473364) Attached to: Programming Mistakes To Avoid

YES !! It was originally that way. An ART form. Managers FINALLY figured out how to cram programming into a 'form' (cookie cutter), and used all the early idiotic "Design Methods" to corral programmers & designers into lower paying, easily replaceable "jobs". The "systems programmers" at CNA (early 1980s) would wear flannel shirts while everyone else got sent home if not wearing a suit. That kind of power could not go unpunished. (I.E.: we helped in our own demise.)

Comment: Re:If you don't already.... (Score 1) 551

by JimB (#34251492) Attached to: The Beatles On iTunes

vlm: By all means, count your grandfather's records ! But think, or listen again. A great many reference the human condition, not just the times. Plus, you can find a lot of sounds and themes that appear in modern music that happened the first time with them. Taxman, Because, Something, Dear Prudence, (and others) are mostly timeless. BUT, you are correct. I, who grew up while The Beatles created, will identify closer to them than any other generation will. You have your "music", too, I'm sure.

Comment: We are losing vertical pixels and choices . . . (Score 1) 1140

by JimB (#33819222) Attached to: Why Are We Losing Vertical Pixels?

Because it is cheaper for the manufacturers to standardize, no matter what the real needs/wants of the consumer are. Laptops will not give you any better vertical resolution than 1200. The Apple 30 inch Cinema display is your only choice for the desktop. Assuming you want higher than "HD" resolutions. Last year Samsung had a 24" 2048×1536 LCD screen. It is no longer made.

Comment: Re:Bandwidth not Frequency (Score 2, Interesting) 228

by JimB (#33518198) Attached to: Lo-Fi Phones and the Future

You are absolutely correct. I worked for "Ma Bell" in the late 1970s. What you didn't mention was that in big cities, and some rural areas, some of the existing wire was laid down in the 1920s. The MAX DSL speed I can get to my house is 768 Kbits (down) because of these OLD wires. I live near, but not IN, downtown Chicago, IL. My neighborhood is one of the oldest surviving in Chicago.

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