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Intel and AMD Settle Antitrust, Patent Lawsuits 165

Posted by Soulskill
from the mr.-otellini-tear-down-that-wall dept.
Kohenkatz writes "Intel has agreed to pay $1.25 billion to AMD. In return, AMD will drop its lawsuits about patent and antitrust complaints. The two companies released this joint statement: 'While the relationship between the two companies has been difficult in the past, this agreement ends the legal disputes and enables the companies to focus all of our efforts on product innovation and development.' The press release also says, 'Under terms of the agreement, AMD and Intel obtain patent rights from a new 5-year cross license agreement,' and that 'Intel and AMD will give up any claims of breach from the previous license agreement.'"

Comment: Sad (Score 0) 420

by JesseBHolmes (#29903583) Attached to: Decline In US Newspaper Readership Accelerates
I recently had the opportunity to speak to the vice-president of a major academic institution. He told me that, in his opinion, paper in general was on the way out. I hope not. Paper content, despite its faults, can be trusted not to disappear with the flick of a digital switch. It is relatively durable, lasting for hundreds of years. And it is accessible; if it's on paper, you don't have to unencrypt it or have the right software or hardware to access it. If print newspapers die, it will be a disservice not only to us in the present, but for our descendants who might wish to study the way we were.

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