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Comment: too hard to read (Score 1) 172

by Jerry Rivers (#44688289) Attached to: Yahoo! Sports Redesign Sparks Controversy, Disdain From Users

IMHO, white text on black is nearly always an amateurish design, bereft of creativity and solid design technique. I avoid reading such sites because I find them tiresome on the eyes. Just give me plain ol' black type on a white/light coloured background. That provides the most contrast is thus easiest to read, for me at least.

Comment: No choice (Score 1) 670

by Jerry Rivers (#42222015) Attached to: Stay Home When You're Sick!

Because lots of people don't get sick days, and no work equals no pay. Where I work, 3 sick days a year were eliminated a few years ago. Recent layoffs now mean I am literally the last man standing in my department, which is a critical cog in a production wheel. If I stay home there is nobody to do the work and I end up coming in anyway.

I simply dope up, gulp cough syrup with codeine, and stay away from people as much as possible. I have no other alternative except unemployment.

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