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Comment Re:What is DevOps anyway ? (Score 1) 166

I've read the propaganda, but still I don't see how it departs from simple common sense

That would be the 'trusting automated testing enough to push potentially catastrophic updates straight to production' part. Not assigning blame to the dev's fixing the resulting mess might be a necessary concession to getting the job done, no one accepting responsibility for such a testing failure, not acceptable.

For many organisations giving the end user faster updates most of the time is a small benefit compared to the risks involved.

Comment Re:I understand the consternation (Score 2, Insightful) 665

1: this infection defaults to enabled in the optional update list, it's trying to get installed 'by accident'. Trying very hard.

2: it's burning 3Gb of my deliberately small C: partition and every time I deleted the installer it just downloaded it again.

That's not looking like any sort of choice to me unless I revert the entire OS to an unsafe state without security updates. Given I don't have a clean ISO for Win8 with Bing that's going to be a challenge.

They truly are scum.

Comment Re:I wouldn't count on failure yet (Score 1) 131

I don't understand why the GUI would even be difficult. There are a finite number of calls. All they have to do is be slavishly followed

There may be a finite number of them (vast but still finite), they're sitting in a sea of asynchronous execution while maintaining internal state. If MS don't just clone Android source, manually reproducing all the subtle interactions adds a huge level of complexity to the task.

Get that all working and you still have to replace the rendering layer or accept the graphics won't render identically, shim the hardware drivers and fake up an interface to hide lots of timing and formatting issues with the hardware.

Then remember, Microsoft has spent years telling people how much more efficiently Windows uses hardware than Android. That's suddenly not true.

It's not easy.

Comment Re: Prone to promise too much (Score 1) 371

Our 'planning task' took a dozen programmers 4 months staring at and experimenting with the codebase before we even knew enough to start splitting the work into tasks. Even then we had things that obviously couldn't be guesstimated with any sort of accuracy or split into small parallel workflows with any hope of measuring progress.

Some projects are just so fscked the only method that works is hitting them with the sharpest sticks you can find till they give up.

Comment Re: Slashdot retires its stained-glass Windows ico (Score 1) 181

Its not useful feedback if you cherry pick only the things you want to see or worse, use it to work out how to discourage use of the things you want to kill.

Left it on for the insider programme and they still went ahead with all that shit i never used but never fixed the stuff i did use. If telemetry was being used to improve win10 they'd have bought Classic Shell and built it into the os.

Comment Re:Citibank (Score 1) 248

More than a decade ago a bunch of economists with no obvious bias ran the math and said prey much the same thing. With one huge difference, back then the result came out firmly in favour of action because more time was left to spread the investment over. All that happened is the fossil fuel industries threw more money at denial and we posed away the chance to start early and save money.

And worst of all that investment brings worthwhile results whether there's a climate problem or not. Old news that powerful vested interests continue to want buried.

Comment Re:kWh? (Score 4, Insightful) 130

Properly calculated kWh has the voltage drop baked into the calculation, amp hours don't (and what would it even mean?). More simply though, kWh is a measure of energy stored, amp hours isn't without doing that time volts calculation. So kWh is a lot easier to compare different technologies with. We still regularly compare an online for like comparisons like phone batteries, where the voltage curves are similar.

Comment Re:VM's (Score 1) 350

I have 32Gb because Visual C++ on an 8 core CPU is currently gobbling 24Gb and 99% CPU to compile my project. The remaining 8Gb is caching the source or it would be much slower. Because of that caching adding an SSD made no detectable difference!

The data build just barely runs 6 parallel processes in 32Gb. Just. And still takes 4-5 hours.

For normal tasks though it's complete overkill ;)

Comment Re:Fixing 8 (Score 1) 249

More important, iOS and Android established that users are completely happy using different UIs on different types of devices, Windows or Chrome on the laptop, iOS or Android on their phone, some hideous barely usable travesty on their smartTV... and so on.

Methinks the value of the Win10 on everything is massively less than Microsoft needs.

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 4, Insightful) 279

And that's their other mistake. The people that want a FB like service are already on Facebook. Google never stopped to consider why us holdouts aren't on FB, they just assumed we were waiting for something different/better and could be grabbed before FB wore us down.

Offering even more intrusive creepy tracking was never going to convert any of us.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 289

Meanwhile... the truth is Microsoft are fscking useless at policing Update. If I don't block the specific updates it will quite happily update my DVBT card drivers to ones that at best don't work but usually cause a kernel crash. Same with the WiFi stick I used to use to work in the garden, except that always crashes Win8.

Microsoft can't be bothered testing hardware drivers in their system, blocking it begins to sound less stupid. The correct thing would be leaning hard on MS to cleanup the update repository but no-one (governments included) has enough influence to do that. Samsung probably didn't even try.

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