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Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 289 289

Meanwhile... the truth is Microsoft are fscking useless at policing Update. If I don't block the specific updates it will quite happily update my DVBT card drivers to ones that at best don't work but usually cause a kernel crash. Same with the WiFi stick I used to use to work in the garden, except that always crashes Win8.

Microsoft can't be bothered testing hardware drivers in their system, blocking it begins to sound less stupid. The correct thing would be leaning hard on MS to cleanup the update repository but no-one (governments included) has enough influence to do that. Samsung probably didn't even try.

Comment Re:This isn't surprising (Score 1) 156 156

My memory of Nvidia before I dumped them was of terrible drivers and broken and removed features. CCC is indeed a clusterfuck but Nvidia have rarely been far behind them.

I dropped Nvidia thanks to their eagerness to just drop features in new drivers (like usable PAL TV support years ago) and a really shitty attitude to fixing user reported problems, you really have to be an AAA developer before they care. Don't have this years new card and you can forget getting support.

Comment the uncanny valley (Score 1) 175 175

In the comments he accidentally stumbles on the real problem, without really understanding.

Pixel art as a more expressive form, sure, it's easier than trying to bend 3D or vector art to your vision.

Pixels as a statement, no problem there. It completely misunderstands what artists were trying to achieve back in the day when all game art was pixel art and the work went into making it not look like a bunch of pixels. But I can go with a deliberate style.

The screenshot of his game just looks like they drew the graphics at too low a resolution then badly scaled them, not an explicit statement about pixels as an artform. Either go big on pixels or go HD, anything in between is a rendering error and users will see the error not the intent.

Comment Re:Measurements (Score 1) 425 425

Bi-modal or not, the less skilled you are as a programmer the more frustrating some parts of programming become. For the more skilled it's fighting boredom on easy work, but they stay productive and looking skilled.

That could be pushing average programmers to find something more rewarding to do, rather than facing frustration regularly. Some of the merely above average ones are mostly above average in being more prepared to fight through that frustration - I'm one of them, the rest probably just quit.

Comment Re:Mobile-friendly sites are an anachronism (Score 1) 356 356

Most websites work better on my (secondary) 1920x1080 desktop than they do on my 1080x1920 mobile. They always work better than my 1920x1080 mobile with half the screen covered by a touch keyboard.

And I swear my fingers are 100x less precise hitting the mobile touchscreen than my mouse on the desktop.

mobile friendly != mobile sites. Till they borked it Dolphin on Android was good at reflowing pages to readable font sizes without horizontal scrolling, if this encourages 'desktop' sites to format themselves better and/or adaptively I'm for it.

Comment I'm puzzled: "all artists are fairly compensated" (Score 2) 218 218

The article quotes "all artists are fairly compensated".

Why would the publishers and music companies ever support something like that? Their business is based on making sure artists collect as little as possible of their royalties, assisted by collecting organisations siphoning off their share.

Something smells fishy, unless this is actually a strike against middlemen like the BMI? Probably with the end goal of handing collection over to the music biz further guaranteeing artists don't in fact get "fairly compensated".

Comment Re:what will be more interesting (Score 1) 662 662

I'll be watching the politicians that spend so much time trying to shut down the BBC's funding scramble to explain why sacking a bigoted thug who went too far was wrong, without looking like a bumbling bunch of Clarksons.

They'll fail of course because they are a bumbling bunch of Clarksons.

Comment Re:Check their work or check the summary? (Score 2) 486 486

The direct disc write should also manages to overlap write to the stream object with flushes from it to the underlying drive. Except of course it doesn't because they aren't writing enough data for the disc write to actually start before they're done. I'm also a little confused about why they think flush+close is synchronous, it's going to return instantly and flush data in the background. So they aren't even timing what they think they are.

Back in the world of programmers with a clue, I did fix an in-memory piece of insanity like this not long ago. Making buffer expansion allocations more aggressive got a 10,000x speed improvement.

Dumb concatenation is for lazy or dumb programmers. Programmers that lazy probably could benefit from using more efficient append ops in the streaming libs, even if they don't understand why it works.

Comment Re:SMH! (Score 1) 353 353

No, she's saying she doesn't use pubs or understand drinking. Mostly UK parents don't expect to see their children drinking under age in the same pub they're in. They're meant to find their own pubs and be discreet about it!

Anyway, most UK pubs have child licences even if some choose not to allow children in even with their parents. This woman is clearly clueless.

Comment Re:Flat Look may be ugly, but it is useful (Score 1) 516 516

When I upgrade to 4K it will be to show more content on the screen, not showing the same stuff with more pixels. Scaling is irrelevant.

My current setup is a QVGA 27" primary flanked by 2x 23" 1920x1080 monitors. The pixel densities are close enough that dragging windows between displays doesn't jar badly and it feels acceptably close to a single wide surface (albeit not rectangular). Again scaling is not just irrelevant, it would be bad.

Even my phones offer differing size icon grids for each screen size.

In any sane implementation any scalable elements would be rendered scaled then cached, no need at all to make the initial render efficient. Scaling is a BS excuse for this crap.

These are just piss poor graphics. If they insist on rendering them with vectors then they need to spend more time getting them right, instead of blaming

Comment Re:Ah, Damnit... (Score 1) 516 516

I predict that about 1hour after installing Win10 (a job requirement sadly), mine will have classic WinXP theming like my 8.1 build does. And if MS try to block the UxStyle theming hack, I'm pretty confident whatever pitiful hack they used to kill it will be broken within hours.

UxStyle already supports Win10 technical preview :)

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 1) 141 141

In reality the majority of owners of todays cheap cameras aren't using them to entertain you or anyone else. We are actually just snapshotting our own memories and the raw unedited result will be good enough for it's job - triggering our memory. The mainstream you think need targeting don't care, aren't sharing tedious slide shows or very much of what they take.

Good editing solutions solve a problem almost none of us has. 3D in casual photography similarly offers something few care about. To succeed it needs to have zero cost over just taking a crappy 2D snapshot.

Comment Re:Lollipop killed the Nexus 5 (Score 2) 437 437

Google have a long history of pushing out random, increasingly cryptic and frequently totally pointless changes to all their apss and services.

Lollipop is looking very like their Win8 moment, a UI that takes away more than the under the hood improvements give. Did they not notice the kickback against both Win8 Metro and Jonny Ives eye blistering IOS flattening? Don't know why I asked, they do whatever they want without checking what users think every damn time and this time it's repeating the same mistakes as their rivals.

Real programs don't eat cache.