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Comment: Version Numbers Matter (Score 1) 315

by JerRocks (#36564504) Attached to: Microsoft Exploits Firefox 4 Uproar, Beats IE Drum

Dear Firefox Devs,

Maybe you shouldn't have changed your version numbering scheme purely for marketing reasons as it seems to have bitten you in the ass.

Minor versions should be .x or .0x. When someone releases 4.01, nobody bitches that 4.00 is no longer supported... it's not too late rename Firefox 6 to Firefox 5.1 so we don't have to deal with this in 3 more months.


Comment: Re:So much for LED energy efficiency (Score 1) 106

by JerRocks (#34725666) Attached to: Tech History Behind New York's New Year's Eve Ball
From TFA: "Changing to an LED ball was not only more green, the decrease in electricity costs allows the city to host the ball on top of One Times Square, where 100,000 visitors marvel at the sparkling ball all year. In tune with the changes, the 2011 ball will be lit completely off the grid by bike pedal-generated electricity contributed by those who visited the exhibit and pedaled at the station."

Comment: Paris hotels are doing this already (Score 1) 152

by JerRocks (#33885230) Attached to: Dutch Hotels Must Register As ISPs

I was in Paris recently and had to register with their ISP as a free WIFI user prior to being granted access to the Internet.

They claimed it was due to a recently passed law (and provided a link to the law but I chose not to follow up as it was easier to just register and move on rather than argue with anybody during my vacation).

Comment: Re:censorship (Score 2, Interesting) 625

by JerRocks (#29516925) Attached to: <em>Wolfenstein</em> Being Recalled In Germany
Back in the early nineties when Wolfenstein 3D was all the rage, a friend came over with a German exchange student and I fired up the game to show them how cool it was. The German kid freaked out. I assumed at the time it was because it was all about killing Germans... but maybe it was simply due to the existence of swastikas...

Comment: Re:Who is running Nielsen anyway, Leslie? (Score 1) 248

by JerRocks (#29193063) Attached to: Nielsen Struggles To Track Modern Viewing Habits

DVRs have a much larger impact than VCRs on the (archaic) ratings system (regardless of your parents viewing habits).

There is a huge difference between people occasionally recording stuff on a VCR when they'll be out to people regularly recording everything they are going to watch and watching it whenever they get around to it.

Comment: Re:Amazon's going to shit a brick on this one (Score 1) 784

by JerRocks (#27601725) Attached to: The End of Tax-Free Internet Shopping?
I agree fully that not everything is worth buying online (even now when it saves us sales/use tax).

Motherboards, CPUs, hard drives, they're all double around here from what I pay online.

That's exactly my point. Online retailers are already saving (many of) us lots of money beyond the sales tax. They won't need to change their business models. They will still be cheaper even if they have to add my local sales tax to my total bill for many products (electronics, camera equipment, computer parts... heck, even books).

Anyway, my point was never that I think an online sales tax is a good idea... I just disagreed with the poster who stated online merchants would need to rethink their business models.

Comment: Re:Amazon's going to shit a brick on this one (Score 1) 784

by JerRocks (#27601201) Attached to: The End of Tax-Free Internet Shopping?
Even if Amazon charges me the same as my local tax (10.5% in Chicago so please don't!), it will still be cheaper in most cases to buy from Amazon as the products are often discounted way more than in local stores. And w/ free shipping on nearly everything over $25.00, the shipping cost to the consumer remains essentially zero. I've always been curious if our insanely high sales tax in Chicago is actually causing less tax revenue to be collected than if it were more sane (like 4%). That is not intended to be a political question, more of a math question.

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